The Final Creation I’ve Made On SC5 And Her Tragic Back Story…

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While getting the last few characters that I made in SC5 off of the PS3, which was no easy task due to some “friends” on the game wanting me to play with em, but that’s a horse I refuse to beat again. Anyway, there were two versions of a character that were started months ago, however I forgotten they were started, leaving them to sit until yesterday. Before transferring both to my usb thumb drive, some finishing work was done, but the character has a tragic past…


jessica 4


Meet Jessica, a young waitress/maid who use to be bubbly and full of life, but a demon tricked her into bed and got her pregnant. It attempted to claw thee child out, (hence the scar), but the demon didn’t realize it gave her powers and she transformed to this.


d jessica 1


Demon Jessica and fought him off. However, she isn’t able to return to her human form again, leaving her running, sad and scared. I will remake her in SC6 and put the final touches on the devil form, but I think I’ll use both Jessica’s forms in the scene with Mei Xing!


What do you think of the final creations?


Questions For My Fans!



For this post, my usual buffer/writing technique isn’t needed as it is a medium post. A fun idea came to me yesterday that I could do if you all want to see. As you all know, Soul Calibur 6 is due out Thursday & I’m buying it on Steam & I’m taking the weekend to play it to unlock gear so I can create my characters. The question is, would some of you like to see how I create a character once I figure this new create a character mode out? Also, I’m debating to do online matches after I explore the offline modes, would anyone want to see me get my butt kicked? Comment below. 🙂


Mei Xing


Last question. In my monthly update, I hinted that a idea for a scene with Mei Xing, (above) was in my head. If written, would you guys/gals read it & let me know your thoughts please? There won’t be sex in it, it’lljust be a scene.

More Black Clover Flaws!



While it isn’t a secret that I’m not the biggest fan of Black Clover with all the flaws I see. Perhaps being a writer & think the main character asta, (butchered his name), should put in a bit more progress before getting new swords, but this post isn’t about him.

I could harp on a list of characters that have traits that come off as annoying as sh*t, there are a few, but one character makes me cringe and skin crawl. Every time Gauche talks about his sister, it gives off a creepy vibe with me, & when his nose bleeds when doing so, I do wonder what da heck the writers are going for. So, am I reading too into this, is it incest or just a deep brother/sister bond? Please let me know because I seriously want to drop the anime if it is that incest thing.

Yes, I’ve seen some weird anime situations in my time, but how Gauche comes across….

Would Anyone Rate This?




All original stories, characters posted and mentioned here are owned by me, unless stated otherwise. Please do not repost them without my expressed permission, thanks!!


So, don’t ask me why my muses kick my brain & urge me to write between 2-5am, having me hit works hard, making me a zombie the next day, but they do, (think they love to torturing me, lol 🙂 ) Anyway, late Monday, a turning point in the Sailor Moon crossover was made and I’d like to get feedback on the lead up to a fight before continuing. Some additional details will be added, like how Xavior and his vampire are fighting outside time, having Fujiko and Luna seem frozen, but I’d like to know if the scene below flows well and if you readers can follow what’s going on.


Please comment and let me know! 🙂


“Xavior and Fujiko walked into a room, more than likely a guest room, waiting for the feline adviser before shutting and locking themselves in. The man knew how to begin down the path of communing with his inner vampire, Blackrose taught him how to perform the ritual before she fought that mage, knowledge having him take the Kahimoto sword sheathe with the weapon in it off his back and set it in front of him after sitting cross legged. After a pause, probably to get what he needed to say to the part he imprisoned together, Xavior started to chant in a forgotten tongue, going into a trance soon after.


Heeding the feline warrior’s words, Luna remained still like a statue, unsure of their motives, but the adviser didn’t want to risk anything if what she heard was true. Though it might’ve been her imagination or maybe her eyes playing tricks on her, she wasn’t sure, she just knew some black mist started to form around the male warrior, giving the cat reason to move, yet she did nothing. Strange wouldn’t even touch the situation, making Queen Serenity’s adviser think the two could be from the Negaforce, but that wouldn’t explain them aiding the queen or what his friend told the prince, letting the thought that they were spies vanish.


While chanting, Xavior couldn’t ignore the misty presence that formed across from him, he couldn’t really, compelling Blackrose’s mate to open his eyes. Even though what peered at him seemed like a normal warrior, the Izurian knew better, having the man sigh, but before he could say a thing, the entity jumped and tackled him before saying, “I’m a part of you?! Don’t make me laugh, you’re weak!!” in anger, a bit of rage fueled that as it growled demonically, baring it’s fangs. It made Xavior’s nature quite sick knowing Blackrose gifted the man looking back immortality, only to deny what he was, making the vampire form add, “Stupid child, you’ve lost what our Sire fell in love with. Perhaps I should take over and kill these people and return home by her side!” the anger and demonic overtone more pronounced on that last part, but after it said that something hit Xavior, making him grab the monster’s arm, forcing it to let go.


“If you kill these people, how will you get home to Ervere since this world’s queen is the only one who can send us back?” Xavior asked, pointing out the obvious to his other half, but knew better. It could’ve been the memory of how Blackrose was before they fell in love that ignited fire within him to fight back, but her mate wasn’t about to let his nature’s blood lust rule him, making him pickup the Kahimoto sword. True, perhaps he was a child who feared that side of himself, Xavior admitted that, even though it hurt to do so, but at the time, he couldn’t commune with the inner vampire and if any part of the man made up the being, it had to know that fact.


“Hmph worm, are you going to fight me now?” the demonic side of the man asked smugly, looking at him drawing the blade. It knew what this weak version was attempting, that went without saying, having the thrill of battle come to it, but the vampire had no plan to let the pitiful version of itself just use the abilities it had then go back to neglecting what he was. No, though a blood thirsty entity, wanting to control Xavior, it was still him in a sense and had a bit of honor, a fact making it give him a test, one that if he should lose, well.


As he looked at his vampire self, he knew this was a battle he couldn’t afford losing, an admission making Blackrose’s mate take a stance. There wasn’t time for a long drawn out inner battle with his inner vampire, Xavior knew that, but he also knew that if he should lose, the vampire would take control, not unlike Bloodrose did to his wife before she settled things with it, one thing he couldn’t allow to happen. Though it seemed like forever, the time came when the two took off after the other, crossing swords with a mighty clang, both not giving up ground.”



Personal Blog For October 2018

All original stories, characters posted and mentioned here are owned by me, please do not repost them without my expressed permission, thanks!!


October already, guess kiss the nice weather goodbye soon. Sorry for the lateness in posting this monthly update, I’ve been processing stuff, so let me start there.

This might’ve been touched on before, not sure cause ze old memory is dusty, but I have a friend who’s a writer and a week ago he messaged me, asking to talk. I’m always down for helping if I can so I agreed to listen, but it needs saying that he’s a internet friend, I dunno him in RL, so not sure if he is living this or if he just makes things up, (Am I horrible for saying that?) Anyway, he wants to start writing again, but is so depressed over his fiancee’s being killed through abductions and other means that he lost all interest in everything. Mind you, I’m not sure what to believe when he tells me this, but moving on.

A bit ago, I shared with him a technique I use to get back into writing. Told him to take a character from an anime or game & just write a scene with them, seeing where it goes. He goes, “dunno, that sounds weird….” Pointed out he wasn’t going to sell the work and he asked “What if he wanted too?” Ya can’t say I didn’t try helping.



Other news, my creative juices are flowing and in eleven days SC6 will be released on Steam and I’m grabbing it. After unlocking gear, most of the characters below will be recreated, which is the main reason why I bought SC5 for the PS3! Don’t get me wrong, some friends were met through playing 5, a few are still emailed today, but the players on the console were oi. Adding a footnote here: I don’t know why console fanboys are allowed on steam just to start “Console VS PC wars”! Every time a game gets a release on all systems, here comes the war and idiots trying to wage it.




Writing news: An idea to use the character below that I’m not really using came to me and on paper it sounds good, so the little bit I mapped in my head will be written in scene form. Would some readers comment on it after it is posted?


Mei Xing

Anime news: Thursday, Nadesico was finally finished after months and I did enjoy watching it! It won’t be reviewed because it was reviewed not long ago. However, one more Samurai Troopers OVA will get a post in my Anime Theories series so stay tuned for that! 🙂

Last topic for the Oct. personal blog. Some of the upgrade parts for the overhaul of this gaming rig were ordered on the third, with the SSD getting here yesterday, still waiting on the SATA cable and SSD bracket. After they get here, the new board/cpu, memory, 2tb Hard drive and a windows DVD are all I need! 🙂

Help From The Anime Community?

Hi guys, Shadow here, the tired writer at the moment lol 🙂 Anyway, as I continued chipping away at the Sailor Moon crossover, it hit my brain that I might be adding a little too much adlibbing in what the original Queen Serenity’s mindset and curiosity might be. So before continuing and believing I’m doing right, thought I’d ask you readers for help.


Below are some recent paragraphs I’ve added to the story and they were done drawing on what I think what she may think or say/do. Does it flow? Please comment and let me know, thanks!


*Back on the moon, Xavior knew what he needed to do, having both him and Fujiko go before Queen Serenity. They knew if they told her the truth, it might put them in chains, and dash hope of getting back to Ervere, something that may happen if this wasn’t handled right. Hoping he wouldn’t slip, Blackrose’s mate said, “M’lady, I fear that the battle that will decide your kingdom’s fate draws near, so we need to ask a favor!” Xavior said with conviction as the second part of what he needed to ask gathered in his head. Telling her he had to go face an inner beast wouldn’t be good, but he had a cover, having the vampire’s husband add, “In our kingdom, there’s a ritual where warriors take a night to prepare for battle with deep meditation. I ask that Fujiko and I be allowed to do this.”


Just by reading their faces, this seemed important to them, the queen admitted, making her think. “I’m not one to refuse a request like that, but if Queen Beryl attacks while you’re doing that…” the moon’s ruler said with concern in her voice, a concern that the man before her must feel being a king himself. By his look, Queen Serenity knew Xavior had felt her worry for her people, though the two just got there, she saw things in their eyes, making her trust them. The enemy could attack at any moment, she admitted that, however these two had rituals that needed attending too as well, and by the look on Xavior’s face, they needed to be performed, having her agreed, but she added, “Let one of my advisers watch?” in a questioning tone, hoping to learn more about their customs.


Honestly, Blackrose’s husband wanted to refuse that request on the grounds of he didn’t know how unstable the his inner vampire would be, the refusal was valid, but he knew the queen might see through that and suspect something, having Xavior bow his head, accepting her condition. It could be said that Fujiko felt his worry, he saw her look at him out of the corner of his eye, though he had no other choice, a fact that she knew too well. As the two stood, he saw Luna, one of Queen Serenity’s advisers catching up to them, but he couldn’t think too much on that, communing with his vampire and how he’d confront it took top priority, having the man deep in thought.


After licking some matted hair and biting at it, ensuring that it wasn’t in a knot, Fujiko said, “Luna? When we do this, my lord needs to concentrate. He has to focus everything on what he must do.” kindly but ensuring the feline understands the situation. Taking a second to debate if she should tell the queen’s adviser the rest, a choice she knew shouldn’t need debating, but still. “Also, you’ll likely see things you might not understand, we call them inner warriors and we can control them, but if our minds are distracted, it could be bad, so stay still, alright?” the blacksmith added, unsure if she said too much, though Luna’s face told her she got the message.

Xavior and Fujiko walked into a room, more than likely a guest room, waiting for the feline adviser before shutting and locking themselves in. The man knew how to begin down the path of communing with his inner vampire, Blackrose taught him how to perform the ritual before she fought that mage, knowledge having him take the Kahimoto sword sheathe with the weapon in it off his back and set it in front of him after sitting cross legged.*



Skya redone 1


As promised, my elf princess Skya has a story posted on my other blogm The Erotic Reading Booth. I will be pasting the link below, but will say this: The story has very adult themes, which ARE NOT for kids, so if you aren’t 18 or don’t agree with adult themes, DON’T CLICK! I know some might click anyway, but ya can’t say my butt isn’t covered, & the AVS I activated on the blog via blogger settings might deter them.


So about the title. The story doesn’t remain dark at all, actually having a happy ending, & some anime references thrown in. 🙂 Please let me know what you all think and if there are anymore errors than what was corrected, shoot me a message here or email? (link in my profile). Enjoy and I might get a doujinshi made out of this, anyone know an artist who won’t charge me through the nose?