Story Added To My Other Blog!



For those interested, another fan made story with Maki Genryusai was just added to the blogspot blog. I fixed the errors I saw, so if you want to read it, click the link below & enjoy.


Let me know what you think. ^_^



A Possible Rewrite!

Deadra With Pink Hair


In 2016, a story was started which had the ninja cat girl named Deadra, (seen above) as the main character. Yes, it was an adult piece, full of sex crazed demons and the like, but she had a secret, she was in love with a human blade maker from our realm who she met while her time here, though never told him. Anyway, things happen that he needed to go save her and weed out corruption in Deadra’s clan.

As good as I though it was, the story was dropped, but now that my skills have evolved, ideas are in my head to rewrite it after a few other stories wrap. Dare not show the first draft from 2016, it’s a UTTER mess! 😦

A Wheelchair Stress Test!

Each new wheelchair I get is subjected to tests by me to see how well they hold up. They aren’t bashed around, crashed etc. the chairs are my legs so I don’t go to that extreme with the testing, though younger me would! No, the thing I’m curious enough to test is battery life and how many days the chairs can go on one charge.

Before doing a test like this, it needs to be taken into account how far you go, will there be outdoor activities, like drives to the store, park or where ever & so on. These factors are important to me when I test the batteries, because I don’t wanna get caught out somewhere with a dead chair. Enough babbling, onto the point! πŸ™‚

After charging the chair two Mondays ago, the stress test around the house was on. Two days in, full charge, three days, same, & even though it started dipping on the fourth, I expected that, but the test kept going. This past Tuesday the test ended with the chair doing a week and one day on a single charge, an awesome return, better than that old clunker! πŸ™‚

Something To Share…

There are so many things that I’m plotting for subjects to post here, from news about the new chair to anime and story rewrites that I kind of dropped off a bit, sorry. 😦


If you ask some of the first followers I have about my outlook on life with a disability, they’d point you to some of my old posts. Well, let’s get to the topic at hand! ^_^ When a few people see me in person, they just assume just because I’m in the wheelchair, my brain doesn’t work, treating me like I’m three years old and talk to me as such. However when I respond and ask, “Da hell are you on, I’m not brainless!” they realize that omg, sorry, then start treating me like I’m human.


With that said, there are those morons who still persist and treat me like I’m retarded. Kid you not, could tell them I write and they would say, “Oh course you do, sweetie, god bless you.” Um, god? when did he get into this, idiot!? Even when I tell people that I game on PC with just one hand, the replies I get are all of disbelief to “I’m lying.


Something was posted to you tube last week, not as a poster, but to prove though you have limits, you can do anything! Watch below! πŸ™‚


Personal Blog For May 1, 2018

Welcome to May, the month it might get decent enough to do somethings outdoors! First in this month’s update, now that my new wheels are under me, I plan on doing more this year, like taking a trip to the hobby shop & see why baby keeps going out of control. Yes friends, when I took the R/C out last week and it got away from me twice, luckily a neighbor caught it. Don’t wanna risk running that truck or the new one until the guys at the shop can look at both.



In other news, thank you for the likes on the post about the story site, it was a pleasant sight! πŸ™‚ Did the AVS thing pop up? I do plan on posting the two stories that have Aki Yoshira in them later in the week, but like I said, they’re not up to the level I am but they’re good! After replying to a follower, an idea for a final story for her in that series got going in my head, but I wanna finish older works first.

Personal stuff: It was always known by me that my nephew, who’s also my roommate and care giver has been a conspiracy theory, homophobic jackass, but this April he reached a new low that I hit him twice. A few weeks ago I was watching a round table show that one of the you tube channels I subbed to puts on. In it, a couple of the people cosplay to promote what they have in the works on the channel. My nephew saw this and said β€œOh, I knew you were odd!” Um, what? Just cause I see a guy in cosplay doesn’t mean shit, but the sad thing is that he has been to anime cons and saw cosplayers before & thought they looked awesome!

Adding to that, two weekends ago his oldest asked me if I like Soccer and I say no, but his father chimed in β€œThe only balls your uncle likes are the kind he can put in his mouth!” Um, I like women, but most of all, your 5 year old doesn’t need to hear yur fucking comments, asshole! And he wonders why the brat’s screwed up, boom.

Anime stuff: I’m going to bring back a Spring/Summer binge thing so I can rewatch and review Trigun and Elfen Lied.





A Story Has Been Posted To My Other Blog!

I just posted a fan based story on my secondary blog, but before clicking the link below, there are somethings I’d like to state. If you cannot take erotica, please do not read further or click the link to go to the other site. I activated a AVS wall there to keep children from reading the stories. Lastly: The character is not mind, money isn’t made from this story, please DO NOT repost it at all, thanks!


Ya think my butt’s covered enough? If so, please click below and enjoy, but if you see errors, let me know?


Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Dropped!



Well now, this was bound to happen, I dropped watching Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans as of last weekend. This might be a pee poor reason, but it seemed like they kill someone every episode now and I know why, just NO! Am I shallow for the reason or do you agree, I’d really like to know.

A few of the older Gundam series had deaths, that I get, but not to this degree, or perhaps my memory’s faulty.