Almost Wanted To Quit Writing…

A few posts will be going up today and through the weekend because a lot has happened this week. Some good, some had me bang my skull on my damn desk, questioning if I even WANT to write anything anymore. Since that’s the main topic for this post, allow me to begin there.

Since I took up the keyboard, baby steps were made. In the mid 2000s, my writing wasn’t great. Dare I call it shit? But through time I got better, finding my groove! And though life is throwing bumps your way, you pick yourself up & learn!

So where am I headed with this? Well, days ago an author friend of mine read the combat scene in the crossover I’m doing. He told me there were hella run on sentences in it! Mind you, all my stuff is proofread by a friend. I told the proofreader what was said and he told me, “All your work has run ons.” I wish he would’ve told me that a few stories ago before I posted some, instead of saying nice, cool and crap!

After this, the stories that were up on my other blog came down because I do not want people reading poor work. Honestly was depressed for two or three days due to this. However, there is an upside. For a few days now, I’ve been drilling myself in order to get better at catching errors like run on sentences. And I need to say that compared to my work I’ve taken off the web, the drill reads cleaner. It isn’t perfect, but it is a decent leap from my old ways.

If anyone writes fan fiction or wants to offer words, I’ll be open to reading comments! 🙂


Preview Of The Closing Times In The Crossover… :)

All original stories, characters posted and mentioned here are owned by me, please do not repost them without my expressed permission, thanks!!


Blackrose and the characters herein aren’t based on anyone living or dead, (or undead). Furthermore, this fiction is not based on actual events, if they are, it is purely accidental. I retain all rights to the original characters and work. Any recreation without consent is PROHIBITED! That said, Sailor Moon and the anime’s characters ARE NOT owned by me, money isn’t made by me from their use.




Hi guys and gals, Shadow here with a preview of sorts of the Sailor Moon/Starcross Love crossover. I’ve been working on this lately, going slow and trying to do justice to the anime source, (episode 1 of the 90s series) while adding a few from the Japanese version from the same era. I believe the preservation’s there, but can I ask you fans IF I did a good job to comment below?


On to the preview.


“What the hell is this guy?!” one asked, disbelief all over his question, making a bit of horror’s chill knock at the door. Before the dark queen’s man could consider moving, Xavior appeared face to face with him and broke him in half over his head, drinking the blood that washed over him. After, Blackrose’s newly revived mate, saw his sword’s aura build, as if the blade wanted to feed, but it seemed different in a way, as if Kahimoto, the half demonic of the blade spirit spoke to his counter part, compelling Xavior to draw it.


Looking at it then the over three soldiers, it took little to deduce what it silently told the man, growing the smirk on his face. The fight to get back to Ervere, to Blackrose and his daughters needed a hand, and there was no way around that, having the vampire shadow step and take out the last two men, watching what seemed like blood though quite darker than crimson start to encase the steel of the weapon before slashing the air over a few of the corpses, letting what the Kahimoto had around it splatter into the bodies. “Fujiko, I can sense your worry. Don’t be afraid, I’ve found myself and am in control.” her friend and lord said calmly, the vampire tone in his voice, letting the blacksmith smile.


Watching the matter from Xavior’s sword move into the dead and having what looked like fangs appear on their foreheads, it became clear the spirit attached to the blade knew they didn’t have Cerberus and revealed one ability to the man. As the dead stood, one by one knelt before Blackrose’s mate, silently swearing loyalty to him, having Fujiko sheathe her weapon and stand next to Xavior, readying herself for the next step. Little needed saying, the feline blacksmith heard the screams and more coming from the thrown room, screams that made her ears twitch.


“Once we get out there, go to your queen’s side Luna.” Xavior said as he looked at the cat, the vampire within possibly bleeding through more than it should and perhaps scaring the adviser. That could’ve been worded more delicately, he admitted, but in times like this, things had to be done quickly, something the feline knew from her nod. Nobody could deny this was a moment that could turn the tide in favor of the moon kingdom, not to mention would send the two misplaced warriors home, Fujiko and Xavior knew that, having both walking through the door into chaos, Queen Serenity’s feline and the mindless thrall’s of the vampire following.


As soon as Xavior and his feline entered the next room, the vampire’s aura could be felt, sending waves of icy shivers though both factions, but Zoisite, the cowardly warrior of Queen Beryl decided to step forward. “What are you doing?! You were sent in to kill the warrior and his friend!” he said demanding an answer, unaware of what the seemingly living soldiers went through. Perhaps the blank gaze they gave off or Xavior himself made a chill come over the man but he drew his sword, watching strange warrior as he broke from his friend, something making Zoisite weak.


“Fujiko, I will take this filth personally, you and my recruits can have them.” Xavior said in a chuckle, letting the vampire nature through to speak as he pointed to a group of soldiers, most likely directing his slaves. Slowly unsheathing the Kahimoto sword, the undead man never lost sight of the worthless waste before him, entertaining what he might torment the being with. Oh, killing him then making the coward serve as a dog crossed his mind, Xavior wasn’t about to lie and say otherwise, but the smell of Zoisite’s cowardliness made him want to vomit. Nobody saw, maybe Blackrose’s husband shadow stepped so fast that Queen Beryl’s warrior didn’t see his weapon shatter and the vampire grabbed him by the throat, throwing him against a window, killing him.


After, the vampire’s icy gave turned towards the group the coward came from and smiled, fangs exposed. Oh, there were ways to kill the group, turning them into puppets like their friends wasn’t out of the question, but before Xavior could do that, a man with a white cape swooped down, crossing blades with him. “Poor fool, I killed your lover, didn’t I?” Blackrose’s mate asked mockingly, the demonic tone of the vampire in the undead man’s voice getting cockier while he parried this scum’s weapon. It took little to know that, the coward’s aura wasn’t too hard to miss on this man, having Xavior set his stance.


“I don’t know what you are, but you will die here!!!” Malachite said with thunder in his voice, the anger driving every word of the statement. Revenge was his right for what this monster did to the one he loved, that wasn’t in question, but Queen Beryl’s victory was so close, not even this being had a right to stop her, making the soldier come at Xavior, sword ready to strike. Right as his weapon was coming down, Malachite noticed the undead man moving to the side in an odd manner, catching his sword arm, compelling him to do a double take. “What the…. hell are you?!” Beryl’s soldier asked in both fear and anger, feeling this being about to rip his arm off.


Listening to this scum strain in pain sounded like some twisted dirge one might hear at a funeral, feeding Xavior. “I can smell your fear you spec of dust. I could play with you, but…” Blackrose’s husband whispered by Malachite’s ear, adding, “My wife, kingdom and daughters are waiting, kiss your life goodbye!” before taking the arm off in the most brutal sounding way imaginable, taking his head off for measure after. As Malachite’s body dropped, Xavior turned to the rest of Beryl’s soldier, grinning coldly before he said “RUN!”, attacking, killing and letting the Kahimoto sword make them mindless thralls.


As he, Fujiko and their army regrouped in front of Queen Serenity, the lines Queen Beryl spouted sounded like something Queen Chanista’s son might’ve said before Xavior silenced his ass, making the vampire want to vomit. “Yeah yeah, you’re gonna rule the universe, I’ve heard various SHIT before!!” Xavior said while walking in front of the moon’s queen, his vampire nature within his tone, adding bite to each word. Yes, it wouldn’t be as simple to attack the Negaforce’s queen outright, the ugly crown looked powerful, but it seemed like she saw her soldiers being turned, giving Blackrose’s mate an idea. “Look around! Most your troops are dead or my slaves, basically making your grand plan come out of the south end of a dragon!” Xavior said in a demonic laugh as he shadow stepped on a pillar, coming face to face with Beryl.”

Personal Blog For Feb. 2019! :)

All original stories, characters posted and mentioned here are owned by me, please do not repost them without my expressed permission, thanks!!


So in this month’s personal entry, I’d like to touch on a goal I’m striving to reach, but before that, please say hey to a new character I made, Shael Qirel. One of you followers saw her before, others haven’t so for them, a picture and two videos are below! ^_^


Shael Qirel




In the time away from blogging, the writing juices have been flowing & I’ve added to old stuff and started an exercise that may or may not be made into a story, it is just a way to test ideas for the moment. While writing, a goal came to mind, one I’m going to do my best to reach. Stories have to meet a certain length, (word count), edited etc. so they can get submitted to be considered being published, (sorry if I’m off, long day). With that in mind, the goal is to get all, or some of my open stories done and such and submit those as a collection to amazon or something to get published hopefully.

The vampire novel is still in the writing mill, that isn’t going away, but things have made me see that living off the small check I get won’t be enough anymore. It may sound as if I’m gonna write just to make a buck, & no, my love for writing is still driving me, the cost of living just blows now. Anyway, about writing. To the readers/followers who follow this corner of Word press, can I ask assistance please?

I’m about to close the crossover story that merged some of my book’s characters with the Sailor Moon anime and would love to post it once done and edited. Would anyone know a site where I can post it and won’t slice me for using original character with anime characters? Yes, sites don’t allow that, dumb hmm?

Story time With Shadowlight996!

Earlier in January, I talked about when I tried talking, people treat me like a brainless person & talk to me like I’m two or three. In that post, it happened when I attempted to move out of state years ago, forcing me back here, then when moving was attempted again, the caregiver, if you could call the BITCH that, fucked that up for me! Please grab popcorn & a drink, this is gonna be a long post.

After mom had her stroke & turned the house I lived in over to me, I developed a system to living on my own. Before anyone freaks the hell out, though I’m disabled, I’m able to care for myself pretty much. I cooked, cleaned, got pop, milk, juice on my own, & though the old nosy neighbors kept telling me I should move and I had no right being on my own, the door was slammed in their faces!

Anyway, I regret one day before trash day. Like anything, a system was used to take bins to the curb so the trash man could remove the trash, then I’d get the bin, rinse repeat. That day, went to take the trash out & this lady came walking up & offered help, but I refused. She kept insisting, getting butt annoying, taking it upon herself to carry the bin to the curb, saying it was fate telling her to help me. She could stick her fate up her ass and light it, but days went by and she wormed her way to my old old computer, checking email, but talking to a guy who she claimed screwed her out of money twice, but she still had hots for. I watched her ass on my computer, yes because who knew what she was putting on it.

Weeks of this went by and now she asked if she could move in, saying the apartment house up the street wasn’t good. This shit became clear when she brought a guy to meet me, and the guy was someone she met online. Red flags went up & I tried refusing but……. They move in, she disrupted my routine, I could not do my system, cooking etc. she did that and chained smoked 3 packs a day. Through all this, I expressed that I thought of changing locations to my adopted brother and I’m not sure, because memory doesn’t serve atm, but I was set on moving out of state to where he and his then wife were living.

They came and got me and when we left the state, & even though it’d be a week vacation of seeing my options, getting set up, etc. I THOUGHT this might be a fresh restart, nope! Turns out that woman told her biopolar skitzoid friend I was planning to move out, so the friend called that state’s police , reporting me KIDNAPPED, WTF? A few days later at the services office, an officer called us to a room and told us that if my brother didn’t take me back, he and his wife would be charged, & when I tried speaking up, I was looked at as a brainless guy in a chair, being talked down upon. That was the first attempted.

Second try was shortly after mom passed, that same “woman” weaseled her way back into my life, moving me from the small town where I had a bank, pizza place and more at my fingertips to the country with another guy she met online. Long story short, I arranged to visit my bro and his wife again, & it was legit, with the understanding that they’d get me up etc. fer that week and the chain smoker worked on setting up aid there so when I returned to my new home, I had a life. Well, a deposit on a apartment was put down, I came back home, packed to leave that next month, but up til the day before I was to go, the bitch hadn’t done a thing to look for aids, no calls not a thing! I confronted her and she said, “Well, Adrian and his wife will need to handle you while I look!”

At this point I blew up, saying, “Nah, I cannot ask them to put there lives on hold, I’ve done that before! You’ve had a damn month, but wtf have you done?! Nothing but worry about if you have a fucking fiancee and smoked!”

Question For Followers & Readers…

All original stories, characters posted and mentioned here are owned by me, please do not repost them without my expressed permission, thanks!!



So after two days of throwing this around in my brain, I’ve got something that I’d like to ask my readers/followers, & please leave a like with a comment with this one because it’ll tell me if you’d want this or not. Most of you who have followed me here know that I’m working on my first vampire novel and the vampire in said novel is the same cat woman above. Yes, me know the chapter I’m on now needs to be completed, oi, if I was signed to a publisher years ago, they’d drop me lol. 🙂

Sorry, rant! My question’s this. I’m going to go through chapters 1-5, fixing errors and get the writing up to my new standards, but after, if I posted two chapters, would you like seeing them? Be aware that a friend I let read the first chapter years ago crapped down my neck because I killed a character she grew to like, but as I told her, the character needed to die to trigger the coming events of the book, so please to my followers, if you read chapter one, don’t kick me?

Betty Lee’s Story…

All original stories, characters posted and mentioned here are owned by me, please do not repost them without my expressed permission, thanks!!

Betty Lee In SC6


Betty Lee, the character above had a supporting role in a fan based erotic story I wrote a couple years back. It wasn’t posted because it riddled with errors, plot holes & more, so best to say don’t bother looking for it. 🙂 However, Betty’s story sort of picks up where that left off with her in search of her reincarnated husband who was murdered by a king.

I do not want to spoil the plot too much, but will say that this will be a romance piece with one or two tasteful love scenes. Not sure when it’ll be done, I’m going to pour my heart into the story & do it right. What’s the title gonna be? I’m working with “True Love’s Meaning”, works right?

2019 Plan!

Near the end of last year, the idea of getting some of my stories edited and posted kicked me and I finished a few stories, (two fan based with a video game girl, which cannot be sold I know) & one or two stories with my Original characters. I put em all on my blogger blog with a AVS warning because I don’t want some kids to run across them and have some parents emailing my ass, been there done that, not fun. However, I’ve debated doing more with the original stuff, maybe getting a few published perhaps?

I attempted posting one on a fanfiction site, one I blogged about and will not be named, only to have the web mistress strike it down four times for reasons she had no basis for, but I’ll explain now. First strike was due to it having no warning of the contents: Sex, Blood play etc, which I added in and reuploaded. A second later, an email from her to tell me that the disclaimer wasn’t correct and I even copied what she said the disclaimer should be and reuploaded the story, but again the woman struck it down, saying it should read by her example, which I did my own, after tweaking the example, (read below).

“(Insert name) and the characters herein aren’t based on anyone living or dead, (or undead). Furthermore, this fiction is not based on actual events, if they are, it is purely accidental. I retain all rights to the characters and work. Any recreation without consent is PROHIBITED!”

After adding that disclaimer, the story was uploaded, but she flagged it again, stating I DID NOT DO A THING, which at this point got me steamed, but I said that unless gargoyles took the edited work, I did conform to your site’s guidelines, but will look again. IF I fail the next check, delete my account please… My adopted bro had stories there too, but left after she had him going through the same stuff, but he told me that the site follows the movie disclaimers word for word and story disclaimers don’t need all that. Armed with what he told me, I left the site in 2016-17?

This year, I’d like to try an see if one or two could be published, like I said, but have no idea where to look. I try to catch errors and do the best I can, but some might be missed. is one avenue to get published through, but do any of you have suggestions?