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While July 2nd, so lets start the month with the mind cleansing. I believe last month I’ve may or may not have said that I had to move from my nephew’s. Think a few of you are aware due to me saying something in comments, not sure. But yeah, he wasn’t taking care of me, but used my money for everything but bills, not bathing me, all he brought home was pizza nightly & he quit his flipping job for some construction gig. The way I heard it, the fool was getting paid a good amount, but still has no money to his name.

Anyway, as of now I’m with my niece and her family, and doing 110% better. I’ll be able to save a lot more, attend conventions, write etc. Plans are in the works to attend Youmacon in 2020, meaning after some stuff’s taken care of over the next few months, I can start saving for that trip! You guys have little clue how good I feel at the moment! 🙂

Some other changes will be made. Saving to get a monster pc built. True, gutting this tower and replacing parts could be cheapest, but I’ve had the same case for three-five years? Time to start fresh! 🙂 Other changes you’ll just have to wait and see. 😛

I’d like to welcome a fellow blogger back who needed to take time off for school reasons. Welcome back Auri, something you might like to read is posted Here.


Posts will be going up regularly, June was just weird due to moving and stuff!


Something In The Works!


All original stories, characters posted and mentioned here are owned by me, please do not repost them without my expressed permission, thanks!!

Please keep in mind, this is just a draft of the story I’ve been working with for a few weeks to a month. A few things will most likely change, so I know some things may not flow right. If you have any questions/comments, please share. 🙂



Connor, Mei Xing, Skya and the characters herein aren’t based on anyone living or dead, (or undead). Furthermore, this fiction is not based on actual events, if they are, it is purely accidental. I retain all rights to the characters and work. Any recreation without consent is PROHIBITED! Also: Even though the fiction may have sex scenes in it, they are not going to be the theme of this series.

WARNING: This story has violence, blood/gore, adult situations and profanity . Disagree with these? DON’T READ!

A young woman with red pig-tailed hair and man stood on a cliff, seeing a town in the distance. She knew they needed to reach it, but a breeze kissed her skin, shivering her. The young redhead didn’t want to say the town made her shiver, though it fit. “Father, I know we should stop for the night, but there?” she asked a bit worried.

Her father didn’t discount the fear in his daughter’s voice, he couldn’t. “Mei, I know you don’t want to sleep on the ground again, do you? I don’t.” he answered as he looked at her. Her father knew from her tone that the town scared her, even though he felt the same icy cold snap as well.

Mai Xing couldn’t deny that sleeping in a bed would be nice for a change. She held out an arm for her father to grab then proceeded to head towards the town. The two got to the town’s tavern and sat at a wooden table, but the icy kiss returned, having Mei Xing sway in her chair. She looked around, feeling men’s eyes melting the slinky top off her, making her want to vomit, but then felt her dad’s hand on hers, easing her.

“Hey babe, come in the back and I’ll make you a woman!” a man brashly said while coming up on the two. He wanted to bed the redhead, a scene wetting his thoughts and surging through his loins. The guy went to grab Mei Xing’s shoulder, but before he made contact, the sound of steel being unsheathed could be heard followed by him screaming in pain. The man only pulled back a squirting bloody stump where his hand was, finding it on the floor still twitching.

Mei Xing’s father back flipped from his chair and came up behind the fat fuck. He grabbed the man by the hair after putting the sword to his throat then said, “That’s my daughter, and I’m very protective of her! So do you want to lose more than your hand tonight? Maybe your DICK!?” angrily. The man kicked the fat idiot’s legs, telling him to shove off, hearing him whimper. Her father cleaned the weapon and sheathed it after sitting down.

“Thank you sir… You have no idea how he made the barmaids feel.” a woman said after coming up to take their order.

“Hmm, I can guess. What’s good tonight?” Mei Xing’s father responded calmly. He wasn’t into getting praise, he was just guarding his daughter was all.

The woman knew they listed the night’s specials on the board in the wall. She wanted to say something, but saw the bandages. “Oh, you’re?” she said shocked.

“Dad, they have a half of roast Boar with a side salad.” Mei Xing told him, adding a bite at the end. The pig-tailed redhead read off the menu, but she couldn’t ignore the maid’s words towards his blindness. She knew the woman probably didn’t see, but responding that way was unforgivable, having her twitch. Mei Xing always had a sore spot for anyone who thought her father was limited due to his disability, making her have a trigger.

“I’ll have the Boar and salad please?” he asked. Mei Xing’s father knew he should speak to his daughter about her temper, but he would in private.

“And fish for me. Though can I have a salad as the side?” the redhead said calmer than before. Mei Xing felt a chill go through her because she knew her dad would speak to her later. The young woman shifted in her seat a little when their last talk about her temper rang in her ears, having the redhead cringe a little.

The barmaid finished writing the order then said, “Have them out in a minute for you two.” calmly before heading back to the kitchen. She quivered, hearing the man’s companion’s words in her head, causing her to shake.

“Dad, I…” Mei Xing started to say, but didn’t finish. She had more to say, she admitted, though looking at him, her father knew she felt bad enough. The woman didn’t get a pass by him, and she knew that, but it seemed like he understood. Mei Xing wanted to ask something, a burning question since they started on this journey, but avoided asking it because she feared the answer.

“You want to know if heading to your aunt’s will protect us from your mother, right?” he asked. Her father knew it wouldn’t, not long term at least. The man needed to admit that his wife, Mei Xing’s mother would undoubtedly track them and try swaying her. The young redhead’s dad knew going there would buy time, something he needed to prepare her for the future.

He also needed to face the hard fact that left him shaking on the inside. Mei Xing’s father fought his own wife to keep her from taking their daughter many many years ago, and though he fought her to a stand still, keeping her away from Mei Xing, it cost him his sight. The man shivered when the idea that he may need to fight her again visited him now, having her dad shift in his seat. He’d do it, he admitted, but could he win was on his mind.

The two ate when dinner came then headed to the Inn. Mei Xing did see her dad’s expression, but said nothing. She knew he was possibly thinking of the path through one of the elven kingdoms tomorrow, so she kept silent. Mei Xing helped him sit on one of the beds then sat on the other, taking her sandals off. His daughter couldn’t put to words how nice a soft bed felt, how her head hit the pillow told everything.

Her dad smiled a bit after hearing Mei Xing sleeping. He stayed up, watching her for a time but couldn’t help being overcome with regret. The man didn’t want this life for her, one thing he admitted. Her father did know that she was gifted immortality, if one could call it a gift, but to be on the run because her mother’s twisted ideal. Mei Xing’s dad knew she should be out, living as a normal young woman, finding love and more, but.

The man finally fell asleep with his sword at his side. He never found sleep restful, quite the latter in fact. Mei Xing’s father was haunted by the battle he had centuries ago with his wife, making him toss and turn each night. He knew it was a warning of her coming, it wasn’t hard to deduce, but the cold breath, causing him to shiver was the same. The man awoke hours later to his daughter working out, driving him upright.

Mei Xing looked at him and saw his expression. “That dream again?” she asked with regret. The young woman knew her father never slept well, knowing her mother was after them. Mei Xing never understood why her own mother wanted to kill him and take her, a point filling her with a bit of rage.

“That, and you were telegraphing that double hook kick…” he replied jokingly. He couldn’t hide the truth from her, he admitted he never could, even when she was growing up. The man got up, grabbed his sword then said, “I know you worry, I feel it, but perhaps it is time I tell you everything.” after a sigh.

His daughter knew he had something serious on his mind from the way he sounded, prompting Mei Xing to sit. “Why does mother want you dead and me at her side? “ the redhead asked calmly. The woman wanted, no, needed to know that before all else. She crossed her arms and studied his face, waiting.

Her father didn’t know how to begin, leaving him at a loss. “Well, after you were born, your mom started reading whatever she could about the world before this.” the man said before pausing. He knew she deserved to know everything, that was her right and his duty as her father. He continued to say, “After reading the scripts and books about the First Ones, the demons who guarded this world and gifted a few people immortality, she began getting this backward idea that we were heading for a war with other races.”

“And she wants me on her side if that happens?” Mei Xing finished calmly. She started seeing what her father went through when he and her mother fought. The young redhead stood up and hugged him. She knew it wasn’t easy for him from the start, but hearing that, it made more sense. Mei Xing had every reason to believe his words, he had never lied to her of course, but the hint of an emotion called rage nudged at her. She’d guide her father to her aunt’s, get what she made and train with it, but she wanted to confront her mother and stop this feud.

He knew that more than a few mistakes were made while raising her, hell a fair share were, but he wanted to protect her. The man felt she knew that though, and that made him smile. “Come, we should get going.” her father whispered before letting go. He grabbed Mei Xing’s arm and begin heading through the forest.

“Give us the wench and your life, sightless dung eater!” a voice angrily rang out. The two travelers stopped, knowing who made the demand.

Mei Xing’s father smirked as he drew his sword and she got into her fighting stance. He heard footsteps coming around them, prompting him to cover her back. “Uh, if you guys want a wench, bed your friend on the far right. He sure screamed like one when I took his hand.” the man said humorously. Her father heard the group come for them, forcing the two to fight.

The same thug that lost the hand the night before went for Mei Xing. He began flailing his sword around like a child. He couldn’t understand how the redhead seemed to be dodging him, which fanned the fire of his anger even more. “Stay still, woman!!!” the guy said angrily before finding himself weaponless. The man stepped back, shocked and whimpering some, but lunged for her.

Mei Xing caught him and broke his arm with a fast jerking motion. She then delivered a swift kick to the man’s head, knocking him out. The redhead watched her father fight, knowing he could use his other senses to navigate in a sword battle, so she wasn’t worried. Mei Xing saw a man in the trees with a crossbow, aiming, making a chill climb her spine, but a blur leaped on the branch and took the guy out.

She then noticed the blur landed on one of the last guys, slitting his throat. Mei Xing knew who the warrior who was aiding her father, the style was so familiar to her. The young woman watched, letting a chuckle leave her lips, enjoying the play of death.

“I scout a day ahead and you two make new friends?” the mystery woman said humorously after getting back to back with Mei Xing’s father.

“Ah Karina, these grubby donkey spawn just attacked under the order of the pig I made right handed.” he answered equally as funny. The two finished off the group, but heard the man Mei Xing took down begin to wake. Her father came to the whimpering fool, an aura of white light surrounding the redhead’s dad.

“Y-you’re a devil?” the lowlife asked in a fright. He saw a crystal around Mei Xing’s father’s neck begin glowing. “Oh, please spare me, good sir…” he added in a whimper.

“No, we aren’t devils, but that won’t save you.” her father said before grabbing the fool. He had a feeling that his wife hired the thug to get their daughter, and the man had a plan. “I want you to be a messenger, got it dung heap? Tell HER that if she comes near our daughter, there will be payback!” the man added angrily. The aura enveloped Mei Xing’s father, transforming him into the being within the crystal, scaring the thug.

The whimpering fool pissed himself before running off. He couldn’t believe a blind man was his employer’s husband, and one of the immortals. The mercenary just couldn’t wrap his mind around that fact, a fact leaving him shaking.

Mei Xing and the warrior woman came beside the redhead’s father and put their hands on his shoulder. “Come on Connor, we should go now.” Karina said calmly, noting he grabbed the crystal and transformed back. She wasn’t going to allow the two to get into anymore fun without her again, but she felt bonded to the man in a way, deeper than an ally. Karina felt he knew this in his own way, though it wasn’t the moment for that.

He knew she spoke truth, they did need to get to the elven kingdom before anymore people hunted them. Connor nodded, taking Karina’s arm and let her guide him. The man knew the kingdom the three would be stopping at next was a place that gave the woman beside him great pain, making him want to ask if she’d be alright. Connor could guess she might answer with, “I’ll deal with it.” or something like that to cover her true feelings, but he knew.

The three continued west through the forest, past the Glittering Falls. Mei Xing couldn’t believe her eyes when she looked at the water. The young woman had never seen anything like light that reflected off water in a way that it sparkled before. She knew they needed to get to Princess Skya’s kingdom, but the urge to take in the scene was too good to pass up, compelling Mei Xing to stop a moment.

Karina and Connor stopped and watched her. The woman wanted to say something to get the redhead to hurry up, but saw the man nod, defusing her words. She knew Mei Xing was sheltered, and this was new to her, so they could rest, for a time at least. Karina sat beside Connor but said nothing, even though a lot needed saying. “Connor, when we get there, and if that elf who marked me challenges me…” she said with regret before looking away.

“Karina, the elf gave you that scar then dishonored you. To shame you more, the fool took your post!” the man said in a bit of anger. He may not have known all the details of why she accepted dishonor, he didn’t know if Skya was aware of all of it, Connor admitted that, but something was foul.

He was right of course, but she said, “I’ll deal with it in my own way!” gruffly. Karina wasn’t normally quick to snap on anyone, especially the man next to her, but she knew she needed to face the past sooner or later. The elf shivered a little because she wasn’t sure if she could face and defeat the bottom feeding son of a whore. Karina admitted that, and wasn’t sure if Skya would restore her honor after, something bringing her down. “Sorry, you didn’t deserve that.” she weakly added.

“I understand…” Connor answered with before holding her. He knew her past was a stain on her, and that honor was important to her. Mei Xing’s father just sat there and consoled the elf without words or actions for what seemed like hours. “We need to get going.” Connor said softly. He let her go and heard Mei Xing come up, giving him the impression that she was ready to continue on.

His daughter could tell that he had feelings for the elf, and it took no guess to know she felt the same, but neither could act on them. Mei Xing felt bad in a way because it seemed as though her father gave up much, perhaps too much after her mother fought him and left centuries ago. The young redhead shivered, knowing it wasn’t right, one thing she admitted without question. “Father, I’ll take your arm. I need to talk with you about something.” Mei Xing quickly said before Karina offered an arm.

The man was in shock at the way she seemed to be acting, making Connor want to say something. He had the words ready, but Mei Xing said, “I know, it wasn’t right for me to snatch your arm from her, but father, you do love her right?” She knew the answer to that of course, even if he denied it, looks didn’t lie.

Connor could’ve said that she was too young to know what love was, the line teetered on his tongue. He could, he admitted, but the man knew Mei Xing shown great wisdom only being immortal for a short time. “Daughter, yes I do love her, but we both have things to sort out.” Connor whispered while the three came out of the forest. The man knew the young woman would understand one day, but added, “One day, you’ll understand.” Her father knew how that statement sounded, leaving a sour taste in his mouth.

The redhead had some reply, but kept it in. Both Mei Xing and Karina saw the tall wooden towering gates of Avalonia in the distance, having Mei Xing sigh in relief. “We are almost there, father.” she said calmly, knowing they needed rest. The redhead knew this would just be a momentary chance to breath, but it was something.

Karina quickly took to a tree branch and went on ahead. She shivered, knowing that she more than likely would need to confront the one that scarred her, but for now, getting past the gate took top priority. The elf still had friends among Skya’s guards that could aid with that, making her head for a group of soldiers. “Still eating that stuff that smells like it came out of a six month old dead animal, hmm?” Karina asked semi loudly.

Two of the guards smiled before turning to face her. They knew who addressed them and slowly went to a knee. “Lady Karina…” both said respectfully after raising their heads. They had a lot to say about the state of things since the incident, but they knew it wasn’t time for that.

The woman quickly leaped from her perch and looked at the two. “I’m not your commanding officer anymore, so you don’t need to address me as Lady.” Karina said with regret, though it was good to hear once more. She wanted to know what went on after Garrick, the one who marked and dishonored her stole her position, but later. “I need a favor.” Karina said then added, “Two people need an escort and audience with the princess.” calmly, though a hint of haste couldn’t be ignored.

Both knights nodded then separated. One went to the gate with the former captain to get Connor and Mei Xing through the gate without incident. The other headed to see Skya, hoping she might grant Karina and her companions an audience. She wasn’t sure of course, especially given Garrick, and his thirst for power, knowledge making the knight shiver.

“Halt! What business do you have here?!” the gate guard said angrily while eyeing Connor. He could see the man was blind and smirked, thinking he would be easy prey. The knight drew his blade slowly, savoring the image of Connor’s dead body, but before he struck, the other guard came up.

“ENOUGH! Princess Skya wants to see these two!” the second guard yelled. He came and escorted the man and his daughter to the granite castle, but couldn’t forgive his partner in arms shameless display. The knight lead Connor and Mei Xing to the throne room where the princess, Karina, Garrick and the court waited.

Connor didn’t need to see to know there was tension in the room, it was like a noose around the neck. He went to a knee and bowed after singling the redhead to do the same. Skya nodded slightly, noting respect from all before her, but her sight never left Karina.

“So, I heard you three wanted an audience with me.” the princess said calmly. Skya always felt as though she was a fair ruler, able to use force when needed, but temper it with reason. “Tell me what you request, and I’ll see if it can be done.” the elf added, watching them. Skya sat back on her throne, but saw Garrick glaring at Karina with a hateful look about him. The princess used a finger to brush some hair away from her eyes then asked, “You wish to speak, Lord?” harshly.

“Yes, how can you let the one who dishonored herself saunter back in with these humans and offer aid!?” he replied gruffly. Garrick covered his nose, as if the the three were diseased and beneath his station. He then heard Skya sigh, forcing him to look at her, and her look made his eyes get wide.

She fixed the way she sat due to his foul words then said, “Less you forget yourself, I KNOW it was you who betrayed Karina all those years ago!” angrily. The princess was younger then but not blind, she knew. “NOW, I strongly suggest you prepare to face her in combat, or take dishonor and leave Avalonia!” Skya demanded.

Karina took a moment and smiled. She didn’t know if Skya was aware of that fact, even had to question if she even cared, but now she knew. The elf brushed some of her green hair behind her ear before standing. Karina couldn’t hide her fear, even if she could, it would bleed through, but she noted Connor’s hand on her wrist, putting her at ease. “I accept, M’lady!” she said out loud after bowing and headed to the open area of the floor.

Garrick sighed when he heard that, knowing that facing her again was beneath him, but he had to so standing could be saved. The elf felt his princess’s eyes burning him with doubt, so he had to accept, making him head to the open floor, eyes fixed on Karina. He wasn’t sure how he’d save face while dishonoring her more, but he needed something quick, a fact making Garrick plot.

Karina watched the man, feeling like he was planning something. She didn’t know what of course, but given his attitude and lust for power, she knew she needed to watch herself. The woman put her right hand on her top sword, ready to draw it while her left leg went back, getting her in her stance, ready, eyes peering at him. Karina wasn’t thinking of anything, her mind was purely on him and the coming duel, having the elf plan three moves ahead, or try too.

The man looked at her, hatred for her so thick in his eyes that it choked him. Garrick blew some hair from his eyes before his hand went back and grabbed the long sword’s handle, set to pull it. He waited, eyeing her with a twisted hunger, wondering what move Karina might open with, as he knew she thought about the same. Garrick drew his blade, twirling it before changing stances, having his front leg straighten while his back leg bent more, waiting.

Mei Xing sat beside her father silently watching this, knowing he must be listening and visualizing the coming battle. She knew of Karina’s patience before a battle, and her ability to predict her opponent’s moves, but seeing her calmly look at him without giving anything away was a sight within itself. The redhead shivered when she witnessed it to say that much, but Mei Xing picked something up from Garrick that blew a shot a cold her way, freezing her.

Connor felt the same chill, making him think something was wrong, but he didn’t know what. He got ready to stand and request Skya stop this before it began, but knew Karina would feel dishonored even more, and he didn’t want that. The man had to trust that she was aware of Garrick’s intent, anticipating him, having Connor just wait.

Karina lunged at him like some unworldly demon, gaining speed before meeting his blade with her own. The elf saw the man’s hatred in his eyes, sensing it in the air, having break off the stalemate. She twirled her weapon, revering her grip on it while watching for any sign Garrick might attack. She blew a few strands of hair from her eyes before readying herself for her next move. Karina didn’t let her opponent read anything from her, but she had a strong feeling he was at work plotting something, getting her set for the unknown.

Garrick studied her, an unseen smirk growing before switching to a southpaw stance. He knew what he’d do to her to dishonor her more, it would be so easy, but how would he keep it from the princess’s watchful eye haunted him. The elf shrugged a little, admitting he could cast a spell, blinding her, but that would just send the message, affirming his guilt. Garrick sighed, watching Karina, the hatred for her fueling him, but in that, something gave him the answer to his problem, making a twisted smile cross his face.

The green haired elf shivered when she saw the smile. Karina knew Garrick hatched something underhanded, but what she didn’t know yet, and that unknown put her on guard. She moved slowly around in a circle, choosing her steps while keeping a lock on the man who clearly wanted to kill her. Karina took off when Garrick did, but side rolled right before he swung his sword, striking him on a nerve, stinging him.

Personal Blog June 2019

So much happened in the last week, five days that my head is still spinning a little. Last Thursday/Friday, I had to move from my nephew’s. Why? Because he wasn’t taking care of me, but bleeding me dry, using my check for whatever he wanted/needed, and NOT for bills.

Yes, I was pissed, but anyway… My plans for the coming months, after paying my niece back is to save some, which couldn’t be done before. I want to go to Youmacon in 2020, I hadn’t had a vacation in YEARS! 😦 A new PC will be saved for because the board I bought was bad, so.

The writing tip will be focused on more, and progress MIGHT be posted. I’m doing better at it, impressing myself and I’d like to share it with you all. Updates will be rolling out on a better time frame now. Anime topics are going to be posted, trust me, but time outside will be spent!

My Writing Map!

Before starting, I’d like to say that I’ve linked this blog to my Facebook page. Now friends there can read topic posted here, if they wish!

Sakura SC6


I want to share my plan for my future in the writing world, & where I might want it to lead me in this post. While there are several open projects that are being worked, one I’m free writing, (& enjoying doing it too), my pink haired ninja Sakura’s story has been added to lately. Yes, some might ask, “Instead of creating characters in sc6, shouldn’t time be spent writing?”

To that, I answer, “While I do have a few pieces with most of my creations in em, others, like the story I’m free handing do not have in game character models for Connor or his ex wife.” And is it against some rule to build stories around characters you’ve made? But back to the topic at hand. While detailing Sakura’s story last night, the motivation struck to post it to AO3 when it’s done and check for errors.

I know I’ll have people looking at the piece under a microscope and bashing it, I’ll take the critical feedback and get better on the next story. I’m not gonna stop due to people reviewing it badly, offering advice. The only reason I get down on myself is if someone says I don’t know how to show not tell but doesn’t help me learn. Yes, there was a person like that, but lucky for me, my adopted brother showed me the way to better writing.

Novel Change Discussion!

All original stories, characters posted and mentioned here are owned by me, please do not repost them without my expressed permission, thanks!!


I want to discuss plans I’m thinking about doing to the vampire novel when the next draft gets started. I’ve went kinda light on description & what not when drawing up the first few chapters, even if some chapters were 8-18 pages long, oi. Grant it, back then my writing style stunk, but the last few months, it has gotten better.

So let me start by saying, I’ll be adding how the main protagonist got to the land of Dalturia to aid his friend by adding the pirate cat woman below. I have not decide if Purrrsha will be a character that’ll have a supporting role in the rest of the novel or not, so please don’t ask…


Now, at the beginning of chapter II, the main male character agreed to take a female knight of the queen’s court under his wing. But when Blackrose, the vampire appeared to attempt to murder him, the knight’s well being forced him to send her to a temple. Well, in this new draft she will be captured by the queen’s son and made a slave. I’ll be putting Aki Yoshira, (below) in as the knight by the way.

Aki Yishira SC6


My hope is to tie up plot holes with the new draft.

Catching Up With Old Friends!

Yes, I realize me going MIA for long periods does get annoying, & sorry, but I had the computer not be here. That and some issues with a former school mate cropped up, so yeah, had to deal with him. I’ll touch on how it affected me and what he said later, but this post is for some I went to school with to let them know what I’m doing.

Since getting on Facebook, I had zero clue that some classmates and a teacher would try to contact me. To be honest, some regret has been felt on my part due to the fact that effort wasn’t made on my part years ago to try to look them up. 😦 For that, I truly apologize!

What I do now is blog about various things, (anime, gaming, writing and more). My time’s spent trying my hand at writing original stories, fan fiction and the like. Haven’t really gotten that one stand out story yet, though I feel my craft is getting better. I design characters from the stories using a PC Game’s create a character feature, and they come out looking good. Okay, some look a little too anime inspired, but meh. 🙂 A few pictures of the characters are below.



Some time is spent outside, driving my R/C trucks, (or my kids as I call em). But there are some nosy people who come ask me if I’m alright every five seconds, annoying me.

Something Gritter

While away from blogging, a few of my friends & my brother from another mother have known I’ve worked on something. It’s a new gritter story I’m developing from the ground up, using no notes, just my mind. The story has been cooking and basting in my brain for months & I wanted to just start writing something fresh. Also, even though I don’t need to prove anything to the author I know, his negative aura has motivated me to do better writing. Though Adrian was the real teacher, not the author! 🙂



Three of the characters that are in the story are above. I’d like to ask something. When I feel ready, how many of you followers would like a peek?