More Creations!!!

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For the next set of characters to showcase, let me ask a question. When I made this creation, friends who played Soul Cal. 5 said, “Omg, he made Sakura from Narauto. She’s cool!” etc. However, my Sakura does not look a thing like the anime character, aside from the pink hair. Does my character look anything like Narauto’s character? My Sakura will have a new story starting soon.


Next is Purrrrrsha, the character I made in SC5 and people banned me from rooms due to her voice print sounding to manly. I kid you not, fuckers told me she sounded lesbian due to me tweaking the voice to -5 or 8, whatever I made it, but there could be another reason why she sounds off, a curse perhaps? Idiots! I’ve seen shit on 5 and 6 that is questionable than a cursed cat woman captain hosts need to kick users out of lobbies over, but do they?




When remaking Fujiko in SC6, I took it up a notch, making her dragon tattoo pop more and thank gods Namco made it so they don’t cut off, leaving it look crappy. Her robe color is another shade too, (an improvement, no?)


Raine, my gothic ninja. She was easy to do in this game, but I kind of took the old design & tweaked it. In the old, the arm guards were gray with red, but now they’re red with some other color.

Raine SC6

Ah, my exotic dancer Jasmine, my lady! 🙂 Yes, her hair style is different in this game because the style she had isn’t here. Her skin tone took a few days to dial in right due to SC6 shader meter being odd than 5’s, but isn’t she beautiful?


Angela… Can you see a theme here? ^_^ I like blondes, also Japanese women “cough cough”. Angela had a yellow bikini in the old game, but in this version it looked too much, so black & white works. Thoughts?


Yuki Yoshira, daughter of Aki. In SC5, she went through a few changes, mostly to apease fools that said her boobs were too big or the Japanese gamers calling me Hentai.” With her, it was NOT my intent, but how does her SC6 self look?


Last but not least, my nod to the great Bruce Lee, Betty Lee! 🙂 In the old game, the idea to make her grew and I loved using her in matches! Recreating her in the new game was a dream, aside from getting her skin tone right, THANKS NAMCO. She looks better here than her 5 self & Betty had a part in a fanfiction with a video game character I wrote months ago, but she will be getting a story very soon.



Creations, Creations & More Creations!!

All original stories, characters posted and mentioned here are owned by me, please do not repost them without my expressed permission, thanks!!


Below is a video of my new elf Kyria in action, but wanted to show more characters that I made from the old game on SC6. Again, some alterations HAD to be made to work around the item limits, but I think the characters came out well! 🙂 First up, one of Blackrose and Xavior’s wayward daughters, Goth Kitty or Kathy. Yes, from 5 to 6, I revealed her parentage hehe, but I may not write her into the novel.


Like her mom, it took me a few days to get the fur color the right shade of brown, having me run through the arcade mode, looking at her closeups to compare, do you like? I may use her in a love story that my brain’s mauling over.

Next, her mother, Blackrose. Some of you were teased with video of her in a match, but you see her red armor really stands out in this game than the old.


Okay, the next creation had to have a new hair style due to SC6 not having the style I used, but the pendent I used, along with the style of glasses aren’t here. I hope Bandai/Namco adds em as DLC!!! How does Aki Yoshira look with Princess Long hair?



Last one for now. In my early days with the old game and when time was mine to sit and understand creation specs, a draft character was created. This female ninja was named White Lotus and she was used in some matches, but didn’t grow on me. However, two weeks ago, motivation struck and had me redo her, throwing out the old design sheet, (which is on my PC) & just building her, using whatever specs I happen to like. From the old to the new, which do you like?


More pics coming!

Personal Blog For December 2018!

All original stories, characters posted and mentioned here are owned by me, please do not repost them without my expressed permission, thanks!!


Sorry for going MIA at the latter half of November, but a lot went south that kinda unnerved me, plus my keyboard going to that computer in the sky a few days ago. So yeah, you could say my November was a shit show, one I’d rather forget, but let me start a Thursday before Thanks giving. I ate dinner that night, getting sick the next day & guess what, because he had a bad day, my nephew gave me a hard time for it. If he didn’t under cook food, then I WOULDN’T have gotten sick, making me a zombie that Friday-Sunday.

In gaming news. SC6 on Steam gave me issues too. I’d create a few creations then my save data would corrupt, blitzing the files, forcing me to start over. You can picture my rage after that, no? Almost gave up & deleted the bloody game, but I think I have a fix in place if it should screw up again. I do wanna show the characters I remade from five and how much better they look in this game, so please enjoy the showing! 🙂

A few you knew had to be given new hairstyles due to the style they had in the previous game is not in SC6, but let me start with a brand new elf I created from my head, using no pictures. Kyria, (below) was done because I wanted to experiment and not follow my typical formula! 🙂 From the pics, you can see what came from the work. What ya think? 🙂 She came out so well, she’s a keeper in my book. ^_^



Now below, you can see Mei Xing’s, my Chinese redhead’s pic in SC5 with two pictures of her in the new game. I gave her the same outfit etc, the red hair seems to be better looking in the new game, agree? For her hair clips, since 6 lacks the bow item, hearts were resized and used, but they look great on her. 🙂 Gave her light to mild green eyes, (wanted to stretch my design muscles). In the last day or so, one of Mei Xing’s old stories were revisited and added upon, wanna preview? It needs saying that it is a erotic piece, any objections?


Asuka, one of Blackrose’s and Xavior’s daughters looks different, but same you might say. In the old game, you can see the base of the feline makeup didn’t really blend with her skin tone, having her kind of half baked. The cat ears would break if I lose matches, which defeated the character, but… As you see, in her new self, the ears and tail WON’T break, betraying the illusion. Plus, the feline makeup blends in a lot better. I went further too, making her a bit more vampire like, adding dirt to her top, but recolored it to make it look like drying blood! Can you tell? 🙂



Anyway, there are more characters, if anyone wants to see them. Just please let me know! ^_^ I’d like to get back to a semi schedule in the coming weeks before Christmas. 🙂

Proofread A Sneak Peek Anyone?

Fujiko redone 1


All original stories, characters posted and mentioned here, (other than the Sailor Moon characters) are owned by me, please do not repost them without my expressed permission, thanks!!

There has been something I’ve sat on, not doing a thing with for a while because, A: Laziness and B: debate on if I ended the scene too quickly. Think it has been put out there that characters should NOT be given weapons, powers etc. without trials that they must complete, if abilities are just given, that character becomes “Hollow” & boring.

Most of you know I’ve been writing a crossover between the 90s version of Sailor Moon for months and the novel I’m writing. I’m more than half done with the story, but below is a fight scene between Xavior’s vampire self an him, but is it too short? Would you let me know what you think please? 🙂

“Xavior and Fujiko walked into a room, more than likely a guest room, waiting for the feline adviser before shutting and locking themselves in. The man knew how to begin down the path of communing with his inner vampire, Blackrose taught him how to perform the ritual before she fought that mage, knowledge having him take the Kahimoto sword sheathe with the weapon in it off his back and set it in front of him after sitting cross legged. After a pause, probably to get what he needed to say to the part he imprisoned together, Xavior started to chant in a forgotten tongue, going into a trance soon after.


Heeding the feline warrior’s words, Luna remained still like a statue, unsure of their motives, but the adviser didn’t want to risk anything if what she heard was true. Though it might’ve been her imagination or maybe her eyes playing tricks on her, she wasn’t sure, she just knew some black mist started to form around the male warrior, giving the cat reason to move, yet she did nothing. Strange wouldn’t even touch the situation, making Queen Serenity’s adviser think the two could be from the Negaforce, but that wouldn’t explain them aiding the queen or what his friend told the prince, letting the thought that they were spies vanish.


While chanting, Xavior couldn’t ignore the misty presence that formed across from him, he couldn’t really, compelling Blackrose’s mate to open his eyes. Even though what peered at him seemed like a normal warrior, the Izurian knew better, having the man sigh, but before he could say a thing, the entity jumped and tackled him before saying, “I’m a part of you?! Don’t make me laugh, you’re weak!!” in anger, a bit of rage fueled that as it growled demonically, baring it’s fangs. It made Xavior’s nature quite sick knowing Blackrose gifted the man looking back immortality, only to deny what he was, making the vampire form add, “Stupid child, you’ve lost what our Sire fell in love with. Perhaps I should take over and kill these people and return home by her side!” the anger and demonic overtone more pronounced on that last part, but after it said that something hit Xavior, making him grab the monster’s arm, forcing it to let go.


“If you kill these people, how will you get home to Ervere since this world’s queen is the only one who can send us back?” Xavior asked, pointing out the obvious to his other half, but knew better. It could’ve been the memory of how Blackrose was before they fell in love that ignited fire within him to fight back, but her mate wasn’t about to let his nature’s blood lust rule him, making him pickup the Kahimoto sword. True, perhaps he was a child who feared that side of himself, Xavior admitted that, even though it hurt to do so, but at the time, he couldn’t commune with the inner vampire and if any part of the man made up the being, it had to know that fact.


“Hmph worm, are you going to fight me now?” the demonic side of the man asked smugly, looking at him drawing the blade. It knew what this weak version was attempting, that went without saying, having the thrill of battle come to it, but the vampire had no plan to let the pitiful version of itself just use the abilities it had then go back to neglecting what he was. No, though a blood thirsty entity, wanting to control Xavior, it was still him in a sense and had a bit of honor, a fact making it give him a test, one that if he should lose, well.


As he looked at his vampire self, he knew this was a battle he couldn’t afford losing, an admission making Blackrose’s mate take a stance. There wasn’t time for a long drawn out inner battle with his inner vampire, Xavior knew that, but he also knew that if he should lose, the vampire would take control, not unlike Bloodrose did to his wife before she settled things with it, one thing he couldn’t allow to happen. Though it seemed like forever, the time came when the two took off after the other, crossing swords with a mighty clang, both not giving up ground.


Though separated from the man, holding most of his unnatural strength, it impressed Xavior’s demonic half that he still had a lot of power behind him, having it grin. “Very good, you might be worthy enough to keep pace with me now, but for how long?” the entity asked in a cocky tone as it parted, a cackle couldn’t be missed while resetting a stance. How many ways to get rid of the baggage that stood there were overflowing in the demon’s head, making the expression on it’s face darken. Just taking control and dominating him, like the evil did to Blackrose for centuries seemed like a good option, though a bit less fun, but a way came to the forefront, getting the man’s nature excited before vanishing.


Time wasn’t on his side, one fact Xavior clung to as he sat back on his knees, the Kahimoto sheathed, as if he was giving in. “Blackrose, I won’t fear what I am anymore, you will be proud when you awaken, my dark cat!” he muttered as he saw her smiling in his head, like he connected to her again right before standing and crossing blades with the inner version of himself that tried coming up behind. Now, he wasn’t about to let his nature control him, not now that he finally found what he lost, and it was time to rise and claim the power she gave him, making Xavior disappear, meeting his nature’s blows with his, ending with the demon half at his feet.


Nothing was said for minutes on end, having Blackrose’s husband think his nature was plotting but as it looked at him, it saw what the vampire cat fell in love with return to the man. The vampire side knew that the last few seconds they traded blows wasn’t easy on either of them, the slow healing scars were proof of that, making it chuckle before it said, “And THERE it is, I knew we still had that in us!” in a demonic tone, though Xavior couldn’t help but note a little praise at the end. As the nature stood, it added, “Never forget, I’m apart of you!” coldly, as if the being wanted to say, “Slip, and I’ll control you.”, a warning affirming the vampire feline mate’s resolve.


Xavior wasn’t going to forget that again, making him nod before the entity disappeared back into him.”

Personal Blog For November 2010

Welcome to November’s mind cleansing, where it’ll start out with some rant, but before that… After ya read this, please meet Crystalania, a friend of my elf princess Skya, but she’s going insane! “Why you might ask?” A mage tricked her into retrieving a cursed item, and that curse infected Crystalania’s mind, having her enjoy killing.

Okay, now the gaming rant. There are people who are crying about players who use created characters in Soul Cal 6, saying it’s not fair, they can’t see the weapons, the hitboxes are crazy and that creations should be banned from ranked matches. Meow,if you look at it from the damn post I put up Friday? It is a form of censorship and doesn’t make a lot of sense! I’ve fought a Pac-Man with a big ass face and I could see the weapon! There was salt, but it was only because the player was a scrub & spammed to stay at the top of the lobby.

Even a player from the fighting game community circuit is calling for the ban, however this may land me in hot water, but, man can I point somethings out to you? I’m not trying to get on your bad side here, however FGC person, in a match, don’t you have to ADAPT to who & what you’re fighting? It’s one of the first rules you learn, no? Crying and moaning like this serves nobody, it only makes people look like five year olds who cannot play with others. Are you five, or whatever age you are? Stop pissing and moaning and adapt!


Mei Xing

When I create my fighters, most of em are the recommended height, only Mei Xing, (above) is slightly shorter due to her age,17-18, but she can go toe to toe with anyone, I don’t care, end of rant! 🙂


Gaming PC 1

Other news: I’m ever so close to overhauling my gaming/work rig that me mouth is watering! Most of the parts were ordered last month, Windows 10 was shipped yesterday, along with blank DVDS for backing up files. All I need to get is the motherboard, cpu and memory, then I’m golden. 🙂 Shooting to get the last of the parts by my birthday next month, which would be a great b-day gift for myself!



Anime news: I threw Black Clover on the ground and ran that incest freak what’s his face over after slamming his face into the curb. Yes, I no longer wanna watch that series due to that character making my skin crawl and the anime, characters seem so blah? Anyone else feel the same?

A Stupid Censorship Story!

A few Soul Cal. 6 matches with a friend are below if anybody wants to watch, even one that has the less evil version of Blackrose using the twin saber style, how did I do? 🙂 Also, my nephew thinks Jasmine, (girl in bikini) looks black, does she? Wasn’t my intent, but anyway. Before posting the monthly mind cleansing, I’d like to share a story about gaming and my experience being censored.

Before really getting a grip on designing my creations in SC5, one night I auto generated a female pirate as a template and decided to build off it, making a cat person named Purrrsha. Gave her the feline makeup, cat tail/ears and tweaked her voice a bit. The voice wasn’t deep mind you, just noticeable to me that it sounded right.

This is where things got stupid. I’d use her in rooms, & get banned after a match. When I asked why, the answer was your character sounds like a lesbian with that deep voice. Uh, wtf? The voice print was altered yes, but it was turned to minus 5 at best, not even that bad, jeez. Even the lady I played the game with nightly almost, & okay she was super religious banned me from using her. I pointed out that she was fine with my modded topless women, but my cat girl pirate? Nope!

Purrsha isn’t meant to be looked at that way. Perhaps she’s bi but… Debating rather or not to create her in this game. Anyway, what are your thoughts on the topic?

The Creation Of Ashley In SC6: Requested By A Reader

ashley picture 1


Upon the request of a reader that follows this blog, (you know who you are), I put a two part video together showing how I create characters from my stories in the fighting game Soul Cal 6 🙂 The one that is in the video is my intelligent office/lab worker Ashley, since she doesn’t take as long to create. A few things to be aware of though. At times you’ll see a bit with me not doing anything or flipping back to my reference pics. It is due to me wanting to be as on point to how she was in 5. Also, somethings had to be substituted for the lack of options, like her boots aren’t in game, so heels were used.

I hope you enjoy the vids, she is close to her SC5 persona