Plans For My Gaming Future.

This is a question/subject people have asked me over the last three weeks, (since E3). Am I getting a Next Gen console? Let me say this before answering. While it is true the love of gaming is in my blood, & that might not change soon, I need to be very “picky” of games I pickup.

Being one handed, I must be able to reach the key buttons in whatever game in order to play. Either reach the buttons, or remap them to a button I can get to. If a game has buttons that are needed and can’t be reset to easier buttons, the game becomes a coaster for my coffee cup. So, if I do get one, it will not be until the games are researched.

Also, price plays a factor. The PS4‘s $399, and though people say it’s not bad, I’m thinking: “I wanna keep a roof over my head!” Sure, I’ll get one, but not anytime soon! Honestly though? I may buy a PC gamepad and play emulators.


My PS3 Has More Uses

Thought it’d be nice to thave an anime related topic for the first post here. Nowadays, there isn’t much on T.V. that peaks my interests anymore, so I’m basically on my computer, or PS3. Sure, there are a few shows I watch, but not many & that’s where the PS3 becomes more than a gaming console.


Months ago, I installed the Crackle App. for it, umlocking free movies and shows. Yes, people who read this might say “Duh, Shadowlight”, but at the time, it was new to me. After exploring what Crackle offers, the Anime section was found, looked at & I’ve found a lot of series that were on T.V., but I couldn’t finish watching, due to life.



So most nights, after the games are done, the PS3 is on crackle, watching Anime like: Blood Plus and a few I found on there for the first time. Above is a picture from a series I’ve found, called Murder Princess! Tell ya, the series is short, but Oh so good!

Move Complete

Welcome to my new home here at WordPress. I know I have woek to do with the site, font etc, to make this feel like “Home”, but there are plans to post images, videos and I’ll update more. Feel free to comment and give opinions as always.


Keep Gaming!!!