Plans For My Gaming Future.

This is a question/subject people have asked me over the last three weeks, (since E3). Am I getting a Next Gen console? Let me say this before answering. While it is true the love of gaming is in my blood, & that might not change soon, I need to be very “picky” of games I pickup.

Being one handed, I must be able to reach the key buttons in whatever game in order to play. Either reach the buttons, or remap them to a button I can get to. If a game has buttons that are needed and can’t be reset to easier buttons, the game becomes a coaster for my coffee cup. So, if I do get one, it will not be until the games are researched.

Also, price plays a factor. The PS4‘s $399, and though people say it’s not bad, I’m thinking: “I wanna keep a roof over my head!” Sure, I’ll get one, but not anytime soon! Honestly though? I may buy a PC gamepad and play emulators.

2 thoughts on “Plans For My Gaming Future.

  1. The prices for next gen consoles are getting out of hand. If I get one, it’ll probably be a Wii U. My husband is leaning toward a PS4, but that’s still four hundred freaking dollars. I’m not in love with either thus far, though. What we REALLY want is a 3DS for Pokemon X & Y, and that’s gonna set each of us back a couple hundred bucks. With that and our massive backlog for Xbox 360, Wii, DS, PS2, and older consoles, we can wait a year or even longer for a new console.

    After all the crap Microsoft pulled with the Xbox One, especially with the STILL always-on Kinect constantly monitoring and listening… No Xbox One for us. Period.

    • Yeah it’s really out of control at the console prices today.Shoot, remember the old days when a PS1 game was $20.00-35.00 max? My PSN friends are asking me if I’m getting a PS4, but I think I’ll go back to the old school consoles.

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