Heartfelt Thank You

This entry might be a bit off the beaten path from some of the topics I do, but before more topics are covered, a thank you is needed. You know, the old incarnation of this blog started over on Xanga.com many years ago. And though slow, people started to interact with my topics, (commenting etc.). However, over the last few months, before the move here, people stopped commenting on the xanga blog, EXCEPT for a few who moved here and invited me to do the same.


Now here, I’m happy the move was made, because of a few factors. One: It feels like my posts are getting more Likes, Comments and such here then on Xanga. Two: Seems no matter what the topic, there are users on WP who find my blog and read said topic, I like it.


So, to all my followers and those who just stop in to read my stuff, thank you!


Idea For Making Money

Having a disability that confines me to a wheelchair, means finding a job that I can do is next to impossible. Though being on aid helps, I support two people, making my check I DO get vanish in the first day! Yes, my nephew works, but I still feel it falls on my funds, which aren’t spit.


In my teens, I’ve always had ways to make extra cash. Whether it’d be selling greeting cards I designed on the computer, door to door, or recording anime series that wasn’t on sate here yet for people, (Yes, I know I may’ve broken some laws), but eh. Now some in my family told me I should try selling bootleg movies, like some friends they know, however two problems. One: I’d need a dvd burner put in this computer. Two: I kinda do not want to get caught.


So what options are left? Even though saying this might make me lose some readers, I’ll tell. Years ago, I owned & operated a Hentai website. If done right this time, the site could workout.

Why I’ll Never Go With Nitro Powered R/Cs Again

In my teens & into my thirties, having Nitro powered R/C Trucks brought me joy. Running my Nitro Stampede and T-Maxx daily was killer fun and a good way to unwind after a long day. I remember the local park had a gravel pit, where I drove the two!


Though great fun, the trucks had some pains that made me want to get away from Nitro. First, it seemed like after each run, the glow plug would go bad, causing me to go through three per month. Second: No matter how much care I took in driving, the trucks would roll, which messed up the glow plug wire. Finally, the engines were so temperamental, I’d need to retune them daily, that it drove me batty at times.


So, even though the Nitro R/C scene is fun, the cost of parts and maintenance is why I’ll never get a Nitro truck again.

R/C Car Choices

Three blog posts will be going up today, so be ready for some reading! 🙂 The first two will deal with R/C cars & Trucks, while the third I’ll get to. Since my last post, talking about my thoughts on getting another car or truck, my time has been spent researching different models, companies etc. And though most look awesome, I’d like to get a R/C I can upgrade, run ragged, but above all, have a blast with.


Sure, my 1/16 Slash still peaks my interest, (I’ve been running it daily), the hobby has been getting under my skin, making me want more!!! So far, the kyosho, hpi and Team Associated websites were visited & their trucks researched, the new hip Savage stood out thus far, but I may view it on you tube. With that said, I’m still going to keep all options open.


I’ve been debating on another Slash, (a 1/10 Scale). However, I’m not 100% sure I wanna run just Traxxas R/Cs, you know?

Plans For My 1/16 Slash And Thoughts About My Next R/C Truck

Yes, it has been a couple days since my last post, but I wanted time outside. Come to think of it, having a disability that messes with your body temperature, people use to think I was a shut in, but to me, they never understood that I’m 5-10 degrees hotter then the outside temp. And, up until my Slash was bought, to me, there was no reason to go outdoors, (at least around here). Now however, I’m enjoying being out, (just taking it easy until my sunburn heals.)

With that out of the way, the real points of this post can begin. A day ago, my friend Al, asked how my LiPo Battery research was going, & it’s stalled. I tried looking on google to see what conversion kit I needed, so when I call our local hobby shop, I know what to have em order/install next season. But everything, except that popped up. Any thoughts?  I’ve thought about just leaving my 1/16 Slash completely stock & save up to get myself a birthday gift in December.


That leads me to a thought going around my head. I’ve had a blast running the truck o’mine the last few weeks, that I’m leaning toward getting one more. Not another 1/16 scale, a 1/10 electric truck, but before I comment to another Traxxas, I’ll research the different companies first.


Oh, don’t get me wrong, Traxxas is good, making killer R/C’s! I just wanna window shop before buying. So, any advice on trucks you’d checkout?

Let’s Talk LiPo Battery Packs

Even though this upgrade won’t be until next Spring/Summer, some research was done months ago on the Pros and Cons of R/C LiPo Battery Packs. As I ran my truck today, (& loving it), the idea of getting feedback on this topic from other bloggers came to mind.


From what I’ve read, LiPo packs give the R/C truck, car or boat more speed & that, to me is a pro. However, the things I’ve read/hear is that if I don’y hook the pack up to the charger correctly, the packs explode. Guess what I’m asking for is advice and tips on what to do & not to do when handling a LiPo battery, before getting the upgrade.


Any help wouldn’t go unappreciated.






Fed up With Online Gaming

Sorry if this is a gear shift from the R/C truck posts, but it’s a subject that is sticking in my mind today. As some who transferred from my old blog to here know, I own a Playstation 3 & game on it nightly. Even though I can’t use both hands to play, more often then not, I play better then a person using both hands.


Now I’m not saying that I’m unbeatable, I know there are weaknesses in my game, but here is where the subject of being fed up with playing online come in. Lately, I’ve been playing Soul Calibuer 5 with friends every night & though I like playing them, I’ve felt more like walking away from that game for a time. So I told them that I might be online, but wish to take a break from the game for a time.


Most of my friends respected my choice and wished me well, but last night, I went online, wanting to finish a custom creation that I’ve been designing all day. No, because as soon as I get on, someone, who knew I wanted a break from playing sent me four invites to a room. I told him no thanks, but he said as a joke, He’s deleting me. Joking or not, if some friends keep this up, I’m deleting them.


Really thinking about getting an old console and just play it, forget a PS4!