While heading to bed last night, this topic

While heading to bed last night, this topic came to mind, & yes it has something to do with the “system”. Before starting, let me say two things. One: I DO NOT believe in all these secret society crap theories my family tries to feed me! And two: I understand with my disability, there’s not much work out there for me, but let me get to the point.


A few years ago, something woke me up, motivating me to want to look for work. It doesn’t need to be said that I’m on Government Assistance, but given how little  the state “helps”, it’s no help. At the time, I told ny caseworker what I wanted to do and this is what she told me: “Well, you know, if you did that, the state would shut your assistance off. Besides, what can you do?”


My response to her was: “First off, the state aid you people DO give me doesn’t pay for a pot to piss in, so it’s like I’m paying for stuff myself. Second: True, it might be harder to find a job, but any extra income helps!” More often then not, I think the state tries to keep me down so I need them.



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