Fun With My Traxxas 1/16 scale R/C Truck

Besides being a gamer and a Anime watcher, one of my biggest interests are Radio Controlled Trucks and Cars. A few months ago, I finally had enough cash to get a truck. I’ll let you know before getting into how it feels being back into the R/C hobby, I’ll NEVER order anything like this off the internet again. The S&H fees about broke me!!!

That aside, it feels good to be back in the R/C hobby again! 🙂 The kind of Radio Controlled vehicle I went with is a 1/16th Scale electric Slash from Traxxas. If anybody reading this doesn’t know, 1/16th is no bigger then your lap, which helps me, because it doesn’t fall out of my lap easy. And sure, I could’ve gotten a bigger model, but what this lacks in size, it makes up with speed & power.

After getting up today, since it was a nice day, my normal routine of being online all day was cancelled and I got my stuff together, then headed outside.I’m going to make a point to get out and drive it daily, like I use too, forget the online stuff for a while


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