Fun With My Traxxas 1/16th Slash “Part 2”

All this weekend was spent outside, driving the truck. While I’m sure that I’ve gotten a little sunburned, it was worth it! Being out, running the truck, gave me time to relax, something I don’t do in the house.


Though the truck runs like a beast, there are a few bugs that need to be massaged out, before it can reach it’s peak performance level. However, a steering “bug” was fixed today by me. While talking to a friend of mine, bluefishpredator last night about R/C stuff, he showed me how to adjust the steering trim & what to look for to be sure the truck drives straight. After a bit of me playing with the trim settings, I finally got it to drive without veering off the line.


Feels good knowing the little issues can be solved by myself, without taking the truck to the hobby shop, thank you bluefishpredator for the help. Next item to get for the R/C is a peak charger, (which I’ll order tonight).

2 thoughts on “Fun With My Traxxas 1/16th Slash “Part 2”

  1. No problem kenshin. Im glad you tweaked your trim settings and got her running straight. I got home quite late tonight because i was watching a few numnuts destroy their boat trailer and truck at the boat ramp outgoing the bay. I was trying a bit of darksouls game that jolie recomended to try playing again, its a tuff game. Was otter than hell today and will continue to be all week, overtired, headach and in off to bed, take care. Keep tearing it up with the traxxas slash. Lol btw, you didnt have to write bluefishpredator, you could just have said Al…lol

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