Fun With My Traxxas 1/16th Slash “Part 3″

Even though I’m waiting for the heat of the day to pass before going out to run my truck, the pause will let me layout what has been done to my Slash, plans for upgrades to it & why I chosen the transmitter/receiver package I have in the truck.

First, I knew when getting the rc truck that the pistol grip controller Traxxas puts into everything they sell, needed to go. So the local hobby shop was contacted & they put in a two stick Tactic 2.4 gigahertz transmitter/receiver. Why a two stick? I’ll explain. With my Cerebral Palsy, leaving me with one good hand, I can operate a two stick controller much easier then the gun grip style.

The plan for my truck? For now, keep it stock, no need to mess with a good thing, “yet”. Next season however, I may have it converted to run off LiPo battery packs, but that’s next year. Other then that, it’ll be kept as stock as possible! 🙂


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