Fed up With Online Gaming

Sorry if this is a gear shift from the R/C truck posts, but it’s a subject that is sticking in my mind today. As some who transferred from my old blog to here know, I own a Playstation 3 & game on it nightly. Even though I can’t use both hands to play, more often then not, I play better then a person using both hands.


Now I’m not saying that I’m unbeatable, I know there are weaknesses in my game, but here is where the subject of being fed up with playing online come in. Lately, I’ve been playing Soul Calibuer 5 with friends every night & though I like playing them, I’ve felt more like walking away from that game for a time. So I told them that I might be online, but wish to take a break from the game for a time.


Most of my friends respected my choice and wished me well, but last night, I went online, wanting to finish a custom creation that I’ve been designing all day. No, because as soon as I get on, someone, who knew I wanted a break from playing sent me four invites to a room. I told him no thanks, but he said as a joke, He’s deleting me. Joking or not, if some friends keep this up, I’m deleting them.


Really thinking about getting an old console and just play it, forget a PS4!


2 thoughts on “Fed up With Online Gaming

  1. If you take a break for too long you will get rusty. You can never win every match. Practice using many moves sidestepping blocking range awareness, and finding combos that punish. And learn how to get just impacts when you need them. I go easy on you most of the time with characters i know. If you want a challenge let me know, i will go balls out on you and you will never get a win. Practice the game you can only get better.

  2. Btw, im not your buddy because of SC5….im your buddy cause your a cool guy. The game, granted thats how i met you, is meaningless to me , friends are more important. I wouldent even think of deleting a friend because of a game..winning, losing, who gives a shit. Just have fun. Ppl spam you..spam em back and hope for the best…

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