Let’s Talk LiPo Battery Packs

Even though this upgrade won’t be until next Spring/Summer, some research was done months ago on the Pros and Cons of R/C LiPo Battery Packs. As I ran my truck today, (& loving it), the idea of getting feedback on this topic from other bloggers came to mind.


From what I’ve read, LiPo packs give the R/C truck, car or boat more speed & that, to me is a pro. However, the things I’ve read/hear is that if I don’y hook the pack up to the charger correctly, the packs explode. Guess what I’m asking for is advice and tips on what to do & not to do when handling a LiPo battery, before getting the upgrade.


Any help wouldn’t go unappreciated.






One thought on “Let’s Talk LiPo Battery Packs

  1. You cannot hook up lipo batteries wrong. If you do the charger says polarity error and does not attempt to charge batteries. Black is negative , red positive.

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