Plans For My 1/16 Slash And Thoughts About My Next R/C Truck

Yes, it has been a couple days since my last post, but I wanted time outside. Come to think of it, having a disability that messes with your body temperature, people use to think I was a shut in, but to me, they never understood that I’m 5-10 degrees hotter then the outside temp. And, up until my Slash was bought, to me, there was no reason to go outdoors, (at least around here). Now however, I’m enjoying being out, (just taking it easy until my sunburn heals.)

With that out of the way, the real points of this post can begin. A day ago, my friend Al, asked how my LiPo Battery research was going, & it’s stalled. I tried looking on google to see what conversion kit I needed, so when I call our local hobby shop, I know what to have em order/install next season. But everything, except that popped up. Any thoughts?  I’ve thought about just leaving my 1/16 Slash completely stock & save up to get myself a birthday gift in December.


That leads me to a thought going around my head. I’ve had a blast running the truck o’mine the last few weeks, that I’m leaning toward getting one more. Not another 1/16 scale, a 1/10 electric truck, but before I comment to another Traxxas, I’ll research the different companies first.


Oh, don’t get me wrong, Traxxas is good, making killer R/C’s! I just wanna window shop before buying. So, any advice on trucks you’d checkout?


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