R/C Car Choices

Three blog posts will be going up today, so be ready for some reading! 🙂 The first two will deal with R/C cars & Trucks, while the third I’ll get to. Since my last post, talking about my thoughts on getting another car or truck, my time has been spent researching different models, companies etc. And though most look awesome, I’d like to get a R/C I can upgrade, run ragged, but above all, have a blast with.


Sure, my 1/16 Slash still peaks my interest, (I’ve been running it daily), the hobby has been getting under my skin, making me want more!!! So far, the kyosho, hpi and Team Associated websites were visited & their trucks researched, the new hip Savage stood out thus far, but I may view it on you tube. With that said, I’m still going to keep all options open.


I’ve been debating on another Slash, (a 1/10 Scale). However, I’m not 100% sure I wanna run just Traxxas R/Cs, you know?


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