Idea For Making Money

Having a disability that confines me to a wheelchair, means finding a job that I can do is next to impossible. Though being on aid helps, I support two people, making my check I DO get vanish in the first day! Yes, my nephew works, but I still feel it falls on my funds, which aren’t spit.


In my teens, I’ve always had ways to make extra cash. Whether it’d be selling greeting cards I designed on the computer, door to door, or recording anime series that wasn’t on sate here yet for people, (Yes, I know I may’ve broken some laws), but eh. Now some in my family told me I should try selling bootleg movies, like some friends they know, however two problems. One: I’d need a dvd burner put in this computer. Two: I kinda do not want to get caught.


So what options are left? Even though saying this might make me lose some readers, I’ll tell. Years ago, I owned & operated a Hentai website. If done right this time, the site could workout.


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