Heartfelt Thank You

This entry might be a bit off the beaten path from some of the topics I do, but before more topics are covered, a thank you is needed. You know, the old incarnation of this blog started over on Xanga.com many years ago. And though slow, people started to interact with my topics, (commenting etc.). However, over the last few months, before the move here, people stopped commenting on the xanga blog, EXCEPT for a few who moved here and invited me to do the same.


Now here, I’m happy the move was made, because of a few factors. One: It feels like my posts are getting more Likes, Comments and such here then on Xanga. Two: Seems no matter what the topic, there are users on WP who find my blog and read said topic, I like it.


So, to all my followers and those who just stop in to read my stuff, thank you!


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