Day One Of Vacation: After Bumps

Apparently if I get time away from my idiot nephew and his idiot girlfriend, it doesn’t mean I can relax, though I’ve done a wee bit last night. Anyway, sorry about not posting day one’s adventure yesterday, but here’s why.


Sunday, something kept nagging me to ask Junior if his mom has a key to use so she can get me out of bed. His answer? “Yeah, don’t worry.” Long story short, low & behold, the idiot “forgot” to leave her a key, having me wait until 3-5pm to get out of bed. When my sister got here, we find out the sink in the bathroom was left on, making the carpet in the hall soaked, (I blame either of the two.


As Chris got me up, she told me Junior and crew were broke down in Indiana & Ceara and him were fighting. At this point, I wanted to kill em both, & still do, because of how crappy they both played everything off, when no one left a key for my sister. As you might’ve guessed, the projects and such I planned aren’y started yet.


However, SOME relax time was captured last night, when I sat in the living room, ate dinner, with a Coke, watching WWE RAW. Going to chill in our living room isn’t appealing when they’re here, but I loved it last night



Best News I’ve Had For Weeks!!!

This is something that’s been in the back of my mind for a while, making me dread & look forward to it all at the same time. Starting tomorrow, for two days, I won’t have to listen to Junior and his girlfriend’s antics, or the whining of their son. No, nothing but total complete zen will be mine, meaning I can clear my mind & get things done!

I am concerned about who’ll get me up and such those two days however. Junior told me his Mom, my sister will get me up, but I hope when I call, she doesn’t flake out. Guess we will see.

Fate Of My You Tube Channel

A couple more posts will be going up tonight-Tuesday, but right now I thought this would be a good moment to share what will go on with my gaming channel. For those who only started reading my blog, (or who just stop by now and then), I’ll back up a little. In 08, I started my  You Tube channel, “One Handed Gaming Productions”, which showcases me playing various games with just my good hand/


Though I think I do well, & people who see how I use the controller give me good feedback, lately gaming hasn’t felt rewarding to me. In fact, it feels like stress, something I don’t need. Sure, I do play my PS3 a little, but NOT like I use too, hence why I’m looking to sell/pawn it.


So it is time that I reveal what direction my You Tube will take. After tossing this around for a while, the idea of focusing on my martial arts skill would be a good way to go. 🙂 And yes, I hold a Black Belt in Hapkidp, with stick fighting & knowledge of swordsmanship, (mostly Kata), to round me out.



My plan is to get a web camera and shoot videos of me working out empty handed, with the stick & sword. Do I hope to get noticed/paid? It’d be nice, but if not, oh well.

Would You Buy A Vintage RC Car And Drive It?

There are some good topics that came to mind, & they will be cover this weekend, but this one seemed like a great one to discuss today/tonight. Yes, I know my Traxxas Slash’s battery issue can be remedied, something I’ll take care of in two weeks and I’ll get back on the road, but being back into the hobby has me missing my Team Associated RC10T3 Truck.

Now, with that said, I’m not saying I can buy this, but like I said, I’d thought it’d be a good topic for a discussion. Befofe coming to blog, the thought of looking at prices for a vintage RC10T3 on ebay crossed my mind, driving me to look. What trucks I’ve found from that line brought back fond memories, but some of the asking prices were higher then I’d pay.

A couple, however were well under $100.00, which made me think about buying one, but my question I pose to you readers is this. Would you buy a vintage RC Car, just to have it run once in a while?

Some Computer Help Sites Are Jokes

Before getting to far into this topic, let me say that I know my way around computers. I’ve grown up with some sort of computer in the house, so I’m no stranger when solving issues. With that said, I’m very security minded when it comes to my machine, because in someways, this is a lifeline for me.  Odd but true.


There are four good security programs I use to keep my computer in good condition, & to me, the programs work well, detecting & ridding my computer of anything. Last night, Spybot S&D, (one of the programs I use), said I had a trojan called Win32.downloader.gen.


Mind you, it was 3-4am when this scan picked it up, so when I tried removing it the first four times, I was half asleep. Oh, I have it removed now, just needed to calm myself and think. After running Spybot S&D as administrator, it removed it. I ran the scan again and my computer was clean, but let me put this warning out there.


Before figuring the problem out, I googled the virus and how to “remove” it, coming up with message boards. On these, there were people telling those with the same issue as me to download tools, then come back for more help, download, then come back. It is my belief that these tech people just try to peddle useless software that doesn’t pickup anything.


Just do as I do, if you find programs that keep your computer clean, stick with them.

Would You Do This?

If anyone who reads this blog knows about my nephew and his girlfriends knows, its that they are less then reliable, especially if I request something from the grocery store. It’s either, “Oh, we forgot, we need food, not sugar or tea.” Or my favorite: “You don’t need “whatever I asked for.” They sound selfish? In a lot of ways, they are! & thus, this choice was made.


Before I continue, I’ll say that I’ve never attempted to buy groceries online, never felt a need to, but I feel if I don’t try, I’ll never get the small items I ask for. So, in a couple weeks, I’m going to order little things, like tea, sugar, coffee and soda from amazon & see how it goes.


Does anyone have any suggestions on other stores who ship groceries to doorsteps?

Maybe Able To Do More Soon!

People who know me personally can see it is very hard to get rides to where I need & want to go, due to my disability. With that said, there are twenty five percent of idiots who yrll me I need to get out and go places, knowing full well I need rides. My nephew’s girlfriend tells me this all the time, but doesn’t think before she talks.


I’m not 100% sure I covered the so called “Your Ride” cab service my state’s local MTA has, on my blog, but if not, here’s the first detailed post. Since I’ve last used the service, they have went in the toilet, so much so that I can’t get a human on to change my home address anymore! Everytime I attempt to press zero to speak to s cordinator, a recording comes on, saying I can’t book rides this way. I don’t wanna book anything, just change addresses, so I can use the automated crap to book trips!


Anyway, I spoke to my friend last week about the matter. He told me he has to call someone who works at the MTA, so he’ll help me straighten this out! Now, it feels like a weight has been taken off my shoulders & if he comes through for me, there are places I’d like to go ASAP!