My Next R/C Want Revealed!

Years ago, when I first started getting an interest for R/C cars & Trucks, my dad and brother bought me a Nikko buggy, while I admit, I was a pinhead and jumped it way to much, until it broke. Later when I got to be eleven, I think? my mother an I took me to our local hobby shop & she bought a Dune Buggy from a company, (the name escapes me right now). Think I had to pay on it’s lay away, but eh, after the R/C was paid for and the hobby shop assembled it, I took better care of it then the Nikko.


Course the car had weak points. Seemed like I went through more front end pieces, or bad electronics then anything. Some odd months, the hobby store told me, the company stopped making the care, leaving me down in the dumps, because I loved K.I.T.T., ( yes, I named the buggy that from Knight Rider).


Anyway, some of the people that worked at the store showed my mom & I a buggy from Team Associated, (I’d like to say it was the RC10B1, but I’m not sure). The chassis was all aluminum and there wasn’t much that could break on it! Sure, attempts were made on breaking it, but aside from a few plastic gears, a on/off switch that gave out & dog bones that broke from wear, the Team Associated buggy was like a rock!


After the buggy went out of of producyion, I bought a RC10T3 from the hobby shop. Though the truck a composite chassis, which I thought would be a weak point, the truck stood up well. Hell, I’d have it til this day, if my sister didn’t have to leave my R/Cs with my old roommates!!


Fast forward to now. 🙂 As I’m sure you’ve read, I’ve been window shopping for my next truck & though another RTR from Traxxas would be a good bet for me, I want to reach higher. Yes, I love my Slash to death, that doesn’t need saying. However I’ve wanted something tougher, willing to take some licks without fear of breakage.




Well, above is the answer! The Rival from Team Associated! From what I’ve heard on you tube and read, this 1/8 scale truck is built to drive, & drive hard. As you heard me say, the composite chassis are, in my opinion, weak points in cars and trucks, causing the r/c to break after the right impact.


Now the Rival’s chassis, (seen below),  has aluminum skid plates front and rear, protecting the components from damages. Plus a bar connecting the two. Dare I say, after seeing this, the memories of the old RC10B1 flooded back?!








Above is a shot of the internals, (receiver etc. or I hope you can see the receiver). Since a gun grip controller is out of the question for me, once I get the truck, if all goes well, I’ll have the hobby shop order the same transmitter/receiver unit that’s in my Slash. 


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