Putting Gaming Behind Me

For quite a while now, gaming online with friends on the Playstation 3 has become a stressful thing. Night after night, when I turn it on and try to play a game, every time I get beaten or if a friend says, “Quit fucking around, play for real!”, I get ticked off. Even players not on my friends list say snide comments that stress me out, to a point I won’t even fight their character.

The stress of that and home life have me really thinking of selling my console and games. Though some friends can understand my reasons behind my selling the PS3, others are telling my that if I get rid of it, I won’t be happy. Well, what they do not get is the fact that I’m not happy now and I do need money.

So inclosing, I think it is time for me, “The One Handed Gamer”, (My nickname), to retire from online gaming and return to writing my book & old retro consoles.


9 thoughts on “Putting Gaming Behind Me

  1. People only say snide remarks when you rage quit. I think you need some new games. Right now you wont get shit for a ps3 console anyway. Ps4 is already booked to the limits with preorders. So the value of ps3 consoles and games are worth dirt. Nobody will buy anything for a price more than what gamestop seels it preowned for. Scv preowned trad in value is 8 dollars and sells for 15 dollars. Keep the system, its an antique already.

  2. Nobody elce on ps network gives a fuck about you besides me and kat. Im your best friend on the network. Im your friend. I joke with you and break your balls too, thats what friends do. I dont treat you different like some fake ass bitches do. I know you have a disability and i look beyond that, cause your a person. Your buddy Allen.

    • I know you both care, but at times I get so annoyed at whatever game I play. And having little money of my own, stresses ,e out more. Would you toss around ideas about jobs I may be able to do?/

  3. I say sell it now while it is still worth something. Once the next generation comes out. These current systems wont be worth much. If you miss it that much, then you have a great excuse to buy the next generation system and get back in.

    • Tell ya my friend, the way this system has me stressed, all I’d like to do is sell the thing & put that money on that Team Associated Rival I have my eye on. Some I game with don’t want me to get rid of it, but if gaming online stresses me out that badly, I should be able to get rid of it.

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