Topic 1: Battery Issues

Two posts are going to be written today, because I feel like I’ve been slacking on blogging, & one of them I really need feedback. The first topic will be about NiMH battery packs and peak chargers. When my Slash was bought, I’ve used the Traxxas slow charger to charge the 1200 amp NiMH pack, but quickly got tired of waiting six hrs. for the pack to charge, so a Traxxas Peak charger was bought.

Though it charges the pack. I’ve seen performance drop sharply. It seems like the battery does not get a good charge, even though I follow the instructions, unplugging it after the charge light turns green. A second of running the truck, it dies quickly. Sure, I can run the truck longer in the LiPo setting, but even that has a shorter runtime/power.

So, what is going on? Is the pack getting “old” before its time? Or is it due to the peak charger? I was thinking of trying the six hour charger to see if it IS the charger.  I was tossing around buying a second  battery, so one could charge while I’m out running the other, however if I need a new charger, then I do not want to get a second pack yet.

Any idea on what could be happening?


10 thoughts on “Topic 1: Battery Issues

  1. I could be an old pack. How old is it? They start to slow down after year depending how they were treated. You are charging in Nimh mode.. what rate are you using to charge? I only use 5 rarely when doing Nimhs. I use 2.8 -3.0 normally, a 1200 a battery I might go even lower. Do you charge them up once a month? Do you just have the one battery or another to compare? Gee I just have more questions

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