Topic 1: Battery Issues (Repost)

Yesterday a post was written, trying to get answers on why my 1/16 Slash battery pack dies quickly. It didn’t take long until a follower of my blog, (AParsons), commented, giving me advice on what it could be. Before going on, I’d like to say thank you to that blogger for the assistance. After a few conversations, & looking at a messageboard thread he gave, it looks as if I bought the wrong peak charger.


Today, a call was made to the local hobby shop and I told them what went on, & they said that a charger that could charge 1-4 amps would be best, something I gathered from the Traxxas thread already. They said the Duratraxx Onyx 100 Peak charger, set at 1 amp would work best.


I’ll get the charger, no question, but I’m kinda mad at myself for getting an older charger to begin with.


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