Why I Order Everything I Need Online

There are those who ask me why do I order the some of the things I want and need from online stores? While the answer could be simple, my situation requires a bit of explaining. Years ago, when living in that apartment complex, that had that bike path etc. I could call and book rides to go places, or take my wheelchair out to go get pizza, go to Radio Shack, you get the idea.


Now, since I’ve moved back an in with my nephe, I feel disconnected in someways. The cab company I used has switched to the automated booking crap, making it impossible to book rides, & though my nephew helps with a lot, asking him to go buy me stuff is met with “You don’t need it..” Etc.


If I ask him to go to the hobby shop, it’s “Oh I forgot.” Or “””Whenever I go on that side of town, I’ll pick it up.” but he “forgets too”. However, if they need cigarettes or snacks, he remembers them. You know, there are moments where I’d like to say screw it & spend my check like water?


This is why I buy everythhing from online retailers, like amazon, because if I depended on my nephew, I’d have a breakdown! True, shipping can cost, but what can ya do?
















































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