Topic 1: Talking About R/C Stuff…

Because a lot of good topics came to mind, I’d thought of posting more then one topic tonight, so here we go! With the hope of putting the Team Associated 1/8 truck on my run list next year, I’m putting one in layaway, after this old charger and game console are sold. Also, people, (Allen) have told me to upgrade my Slash to accept LiPO batt. packs, a project I’d like done, in time, (a.k.a next season), but there’s an issue.


Though R/C message boards, (traxxas etc.) say it can be done, no one tells what conversion kit to get, which I know LiPOs have to have a different connecters and such, so the truck works. Does it need to be converted to brushless or what? If so, the truck is brushless ready.


With the new charger coming in a few days, I want to hold off running my Slash until it gets here, because if the pack’s not damaged already, I do not want to damage it.


Any input with the subject of LiPo upgrading would be greatly appreciated.


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