Topic 2: Computers And What Clicked Last Night

As I type this, the comments from this topic might make me laugh, so please bring on the jokes. The computer I’m on now, I’ve had since 08/09, & though it serves me well, I know it is old. Before going further, let me explain how I got this dinosaur.


After moving with my ex caregiver, she took it upon herself to gut my perfectly good 1,200 dollar computer and give it to her boyfriend, something I ran over her foot for! 🙂 She then ordered computer parts that never worked and built this thing. The woman claimed to be a expert, but it took her weeks to get this thing running right! After, I wanted to pop her!

Attempts were made to save for parts to upgrade this tower, or build a new one.  Sure, buying a ready made PC would be best, but I’m the type to have one built and made for me. So, my game plan is this. If I can make money soon, (please read on to so what I figured out), I maybe able to get things done so a new tower can be built in 2014. Or wait until my nephew gets his taxes and go from there.


Now to my idea. As I talked about my computer with a friend last night and telling him what I needed to do to fix it, after the computer shop messed it up twice, it hit me! I could fix computers, (ie: If a computer has a virus/trojan, remove it for people) Or if need be, reinstall their windows for them. I’ve needed to do this myself, so I know how.

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