What I’d Like To Do Soon

After diving into anime, in my teens, my friend at the time invited me to my first Anime convention, (Anime Central) in Chicago. At first, I just met her through email, & we just used email to talk, so I didn’t know if she was a nut case or a true friend. But I came around, talked to my mom about the trip, saved money to go & when the time cane, I went, having a blast! 🙂 The con was a yearly thing I went too, right up until mom’s stroke.


Though my sister took over taking me, (bitching all the time there), I still made a point to have fun, buy anime stuff & geek out! Even after a few years of not being able to go, I miss it! True, my nephew asks if I’d like to go to a convention again, I would, but with his girl and baby in tow, the weekend would be eww.


Must say, while viewing a you tube video, which dealt with a simuliar subject, the drive to wanna go to a anime con resparked, but if I were to go, I’d do it without the “circus”. Perhaps I could make connections through here to like minded anime fans, willing to help.




2 thoughts on “What I’d Like To Do Soon

    • I’d really plan to get on a anime forum and get back involved in convention hopping. And believe me returning to the carefree, blow my money on anything, without taking care of this house hold has crossed my mind.

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