Status Of The Website I’m creating

Before getting into this topic, let me say this. If any of my followers disagree with hentai comics, pictures, please feel free to not read this entry. With that out of the way, I can continue. Some weeks ago, I made the choice to return to what I did in my late teens/twenties & design a hentai anime site. That idea is still in the works, though slow for a few reasons.


One & the main reason: My Ex girlfriend expects me to be on yahoo all day, talking with her.


Two: I’m attempting to rebuild my folder of pictures, that I had years ago.


Three: Brushing up on my html skills. True, I’m using the Seamonkey browser’s web page composer to create the site, but I wish to remember all the tricks before relaunching the website.


Finally: I have some Manga, (Japanese comics), I’d like translated into English, before the site’s up. If anyone who reads this can translate Japanese/Chinese characters, please let me know,


Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Status Of The Website I’m creating

  1. Kenshin buddy, its your lucky day….I can translate Japanese to English….(japanese..Gojira = english..Godzilla….there, that was easy.

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