My Onyx 100 Charger Got Here, But…

You know, there are times a ride up to Riders Hobby Shop could be made, or at least Junior, my nephew was reliable to do what I ask & save me headaches. Just like the title suggests, the new charger came today and I couldn’t be happier! However, when I opened the box to look at the charge, I found that the plug that plugs into the pack was that white plastic old style molex connecter


You could guess how my temper was at the time, due to thinking I screwed up again! After calming down, Google was hit, trying to see if there was anyway to adapt the plug so the charger would work & sure enough, Traxxas makes an adapter for the Onyx chargers.


After a bit of debate, a adapter was found on Amazon for $4.84 & free S&H, so I ordered it. Estimated time to get here? This Friday, 16th-21th, which is fine, but this best be the last part I need for this, because the season’s closing!


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