Setting The Gaming Record Straight & Other Topics

Though having been off Soul Calibuer 5, or what I’ve named it, “Stress Level High”‘, I’ve been returning to other games, surprisingly enjoying them. Before I say more, Yes the PS3 is still going to be sold or pawned, but until I get a buyer…


Anyway, some on my PSN Friends list ask me if I’m selling the console, why am I still on it? Simple answer is this. Just because I’m on does not mean I’ll keep it. I need money too. You think supporting my nephew, his kid’s mom and their kid is easy? But I’m getting a bit off topic here, sorry.  

Only a handful of friends understand my modavation behind my getting out of gaming, which I thank them for. As for my you tube channel? I don’t know what the format might be mow, & some thought went into it today.


I’ve had some ideas of making it into a channel for my other hobbies, like R/C Trucks, Martial Arts, (one handed) or I’ve been thinking about getting some DJing software and mixing beats using my computer and showcasing that on the channel, I don’t know.


What do you think?



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