Some Use Out Of The Onyx 100 Finally!

As some of you who follow this blog know, I’ve had some setbacks in running my 1/16 Slash, because of charger issues, but I’M BACK!!!! The Molex to Traxxas adapter came yesterday, (earlierthen expected, which you do not see me complaining)! Okay, maybe a little complaining went on when I was opening the darn thing! Picture a guy with one hand, opening plastic with his teeth! 🙂


Once it was opened, I put it on the charger, & the adapter will stay on there forever. lol. Before giving my two cents about how the charger worked out, test runs had to be made. After the charge from my old Traxxas ez peak charger died, which took all of two minutes, I plugged my 1200Mah pack into the Onyx charger, selecting it charge at 1 amp, (longer wait, but I prefer waiting to frying the pack, as the traxxas charger did).


An hour and change went by, having the battery ready to go, & I’ll dare to say, the truck ran better now then with the old charger. Sure, some power was lost, but I think it’s due to the old charger frying the pack. In a few weeks, I’m buying a second battery pack, so no big deal.


All & all, I’m happy again, outside enjoying the hobby!!! 

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