Maybe Able To Do More Soon!

People who know me personally can see it is very hard to get rides to where I need & want to go, due to my disability. With that said, there are twenty five percent of idiots who yrll me I need to get out and go places, knowing full well I need rides. My nephew’s girlfriend tells me this all the time, but doesn’t think before she talks.


I’m not 100% sure I covered the so called “Your Ride” cab service my state’s local MTA has, on my blog, but if not, here’s the first detailed post. Since I’ve last used the service, they have went in the toilet, so much so that I can’t get a human on to change my home address anymore! Everytime I attempt to press zero to speak to s cordinator, a recording comes on, saying I can’t book rides this way. I don’t wanna book anything, just change addresses, so I can use the automated crap to book trips!


Anyway, I spoke to my friend last week about the matter. He told me he has to call someone who works at the MTA, so he’ll help me straighten this out! Now, it feels like a weight has been taken off my shoulders & if he comes through for me, there are places I’d like to go ASAP!


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