Some Computer Help Sites Are Jokes

Before getting to far into this topic, let me say that I know my way around computers. I’ve grown up with some sort of computer in the house, so I’m no stranger when solving issues. With that said, I’m very security minded when it comes to my machine, because in someways, this is a lifeline for me.  Odd but true.


There are four good security programs I use to keep my computer in good condition, & to me, the programs work well, detecting & ridding my computer of anything. Last night, Spybot S&D, (one of the programs I use), said I had a trojan called Win32.downloader.gen.


Mind you, it was 3-4am when this scan picked it up, so when I tried removing it the first four times, I was half asleep. Oh, I have it removed now, just needed to calm myself and think. After running Spybot S&D as administrator, it removed it. I ran the scan again and my computer was clean, but let me put this warning out there.


Before figuring the problem out, I googled the virus and how to “remove” it, coming up with message boards. On these, there were people telling those with the same issue as me to download tools, then come back for more help, download, then come back. It is my belief that these tech people just try to peddle useless software that doesn’t pickup anything.


Just do as I do, if you find programs that keep your computer clean, stick with them.

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