Would You Buy A Vintage RC Car And Drive It?

There are some good topics that came to mind, & they will be cover this weekend, but this one seemed like a great one to discuss today/tonight. Yes, I know my Traxxas Slash’s battery issue can be remedied, something I’ll take care of in two weeks and I’ll get back on the road, but being back into the hobby has me missing my Team Associated RC10T3 Truck.

Now, with that said, I’m not saying I can buy this, but like I said, I’d thought it’d be a good topic for a discussion. Befofe coming to blog, the thought of looking at prices for a vintage RC10T3 on ebay crossed my mind, driving me to look. What trucks I’ve found from that line brought back fond memories, but some of the asking prices were higher then I’d pay.

A couple, however were well under $100.00, which made me think about buying one, but my question I pose to you readers is this. Would you buy a vintage RC Car, just to have it run once in a while?


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