Fate Of My You Tube Channel

A couple more posts will be going up tonight-Tuesday, but right now I thought this would be a good moment to share what will go on with my gaming channel. For those who only started reading my blog, (or who just stop by now and then), I’ll back up a little. In 08, I started my  You Tube channel, “One Handed Gaming Productions”, which showcases me playing various games with just my good hand/


Though I think I do well, & people who see how I use the controller give me good feedback, lately gaming hasn’t felt rewarding to me. In fact, it feels like stress, something I don’t need. Sure, I do play my PS3 a little, but NOT like I use too, hence why I’m looking to sell/pawn it.


So it is time that I reveal what direction my You Tube will take. After tossing this around for a while, the idea of focusing on my martial arts skill would be a good way to go. 🙂 And yes, I hold a Black Belt in Hapkidp, with stick fighting & knowledge of swordsmanship, (mostly Kata), to round me out.



My plan is to get a web camera and shoot videos of me working out empty handed, with the stick & sword. Do I hope to get noticed/paid? It’d be nice, but if not, oh well.

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