Day One Of Vacation: After Bumps

Apparently if I get time away from my idiot nephew and his idiot girlfriend, it doesn’t mean I can relax, though I’ve done a wee bit last night. Anyway, sorry about not posting day one’s adventure yesterday, but here’s why.


Sunday, something kept nagging me to ask Junior if his mom has a key to use so she can get me out of bed. His answer? “Yeah, don’t worry.” Long story short, low & behold, the idiot “forgot” to leave her a key, having me wait until 3-5pm to get out of bed. When my sister got here, we find out the sink in the bathroom was left on, making the carpet in the hall soaked, (I blame either of the two.


As Chris got me up, she told me Junior and crew were broke down in Indiana & Ceara and him were fighting. At this point, I wanted to kill em both, & still do, because of how crappy they both played everything off, when no one left a key for my sister. As you might’ve guessed, the projects and such I planned aren’y started yet.


However, SOME relax time was captured last night, when I sat in the living room, ate dinner, with a Coke, watching WWE RAW. Going to chill in our living room isn’t appealing when they’re here, but I loved it last night



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