My Take On The Martal Arts, From A Sitting Point Of View

A lot of people who meet me don’t believe a man in a wheelchair knows Martial Arts, even after they see me train.Some of you who follow this blog may have doubts, which is understandable, but onto the topic at hand.


Growing up, my temper was in check, until the teen years, then I started to lose my cool over anything. Oh, I didn’t have many issues with high school, but on the bus, there was a kid who use to egg me on that I had a problem with, but let’s fast forward. It got to a point teachers, my temper & a neighborhood bully, who use to enter the house while I was home got to me, making me angrier by the day.


So, talking to my mother, I asked if I could take Martial Arts, to try an curve me anger, she agreed & we started looking for instructors. At the time, many we visited we “By The Book, one size fits all” cookie cutter instructors, who didn’t want to teach me. This went on until I hit fifteen, then I came into Bill Baughman’s Hapkido Dojang. From the start, someone who took a look at what I COULD do and not just preach. Bill actually sat in a chair, reworking many of the techniques from my P.O.V., then teaching me them, which blew my mind! Nobody took the time to work and listen to my input before. He even encouraged me to think up techniques and we’d see if they could were doable, many were.


The day before my sixteenth birthday, he tested me by putting a board in front of me, seeing if I could break it. At first, I didn’t know if I could, so I hesitated, but he told me he knew I was ready. My first try, the board, cracked, but didn’t break. After my hand stopped throbbing, I tried again, this time, breaking it!!! Let me say, the idea of me accomplishing that had to sink in before reality hit! My training under Bil continued until my red belt, then he had to quit teaching.


Yes, I got my black belt, from a school that let me pickup from the red belt, teaching hand to hand and stick fighting, but as soon as they saw the tape of the last test I had with Bill, the instructor told me to trash what he taught me, because to her, it look staged. Rest assured, nothing he taught was staged, the blood, sweat and tears I put into the years I trained weren’t staged.


I’ve had the idea for a while to buy some Martial Arts gear and start training again! I’m not sure of the attitudes instructors have toward training people like me today, & really couldn’t care less! I just wanna practice again, you know? Also, even though these lessons on dvd people peddle aren’t as good as an actual class, I’m tossing around getting one on swordsmanship basics, to see if there are techniques I could work into my sword style.


A Halloween Tradition

Sorry for not blooging for a time, I think laziness and wanting to reshuffle my sleep schedule hit, but I’m semi-back. In this first post of two, (second will follow Tomorrow), I thought it’d be fun to talk about a Halloween tradition that was started.


Years ago, when I was still went to the local anime club’s functions, they had seasonal themed anime showings. This time of year, to celebrate Halloween, the group planned to show anime that had an element of horror in them. Tell you, I couldn’t wait until the Wednesday the club had their October showing, because I love Horror, to a degree.


Even though my anime dvd library isn’t what it was, (something I’m going to  remedy in coming months), I plan to do my own little Halloween viewing night of Oct. 31st, like last year. Sure, I just have Hellsing on dvd, but its better then nothing, right?



Some Plans For A PC Build

A few things on this subject have crossed my mind and some ideas seem good enough to do, but if anyone has advice, then please share. A few friends told me to have an idea of what I’d like to do with the new PC, some good information, & using that advice, a good idea of what kind of computer I’d like.


A few years ago, a Gigabyte AMD motherboard was bought & I hope memory, video card etc. can still be found. If not, well, a new board will be purchased, but the computer I would like is a gaming/workhorse, something I can write my book on, game, shoot/edit video, burn cd/dvds with.


Having said this, I have a dvd/cd burner, so memory, AMD Chip, graphics card and possibly a new hard drive are needed. However, is it wise to use the current Hard Drive in the  new computer? Other details I’d need is a new keyboard/mouse, capture device, web camera.


Progress On Elder Scrolls Oblivion

Sorry for taking a day away from posting, but laziness and needing to get my sleep pattern on track hit. More on that in a moment. Right now however, I want to update where I am on Elder Scrolls Oblivion. Following the you tube guide has helped me get through the main story thus fair, & the main story is something I’m focusing on, no side quests.


That said, I’m now on the quest “Blood of the Divines”, and from what I’ve heard, (by the commentator of the guide I’m using), the most annoying quest of the game. While it maybe true, at least I’m making headway in the game. Sure beats playing Soul Cal. 5 day in & out. Anyway, I’d like to get through most of ES Oblivion, before ordering Skyrim in a couple weeks.

Video Game Related Thoughts

In the coming days, topics on various subjects will be posted, in the hope some will spark discussions. The first topic has to do with video gaming, (Console, PC etc.) & my thoughts on all of it. As those of you who have followed me here know, because of my disability, I use one hand when gaming on PS3. Before continuing, let me explain how I taught myself to play this .way.


In our household, there was always a video game system around, whether it be NES, Super NES, Genesis whatever. I first started becoming a gamer, the Nintendo was out. Even though the controller had to be taped to a surface, I adapyed and my skills grew over time. After the Nintendo ran it’s course, both a Super Nes and Sega were bought. Like before, controllers needed to be taped in order for me to play, but when I did… 🙂


With the PS1 & the bigger controller it had, I’ve found that placing it on one leg, at an angle, against the other leg, worked well, totally saving tape. This is a technique I use today, & with that said, let’s continue. Older games had simple controls, (run, jump special moves), making them simple for me to play, but as the PS2 came out, the setups for games began getting more complex. Oh, I adapted to the buttons as well as possible, but it wasn’t easy.


Now with the PS3/PS4 age, the button combos are insane, having me only get games with full remapping or a few key buttons I’d need to use during play. Both are very rare, let me tell you. Which brings me to my first thought, After Sony makes the PS3 a dinosaur, & pushes their new system, I’m not getting a PS4. To me, prices of new consoles have gotten way out of hand in the last ten years, I’m serious, eating trumps new gaming gear any day! Instead, I’m thinking of getting older games & play those.


Thought 2: PC gaming. I’ve played World of Warcraft years ago, & I’m thinking about upgrading my computer, so I can play it again. Buying a store brand PC maybe easier, but there’s nothing that beats upgrading your own! If possible, I’d like to try Battlefield 3 or 4 on PC.


Last thought: GTA5. Because it is 2:29AM, I’ll just say that viewing some gameplay of it, the game doesn’t interest me.

Progress On Elder Scrolls Oblivion

Wanted to post this update on where I am and how I’m doing in ES Oblivion, before getting to bed. It needs to be said that I’m sorry my interest wasn’t peaked a year ago, when I first played, because the game has made me want to keep my PS3.


As for my progress? Since starting not to long ago, steady & very satisfying! Sure, at a couple areas of the game, it makes me kinda stressed, but if it gets to that, I just stop and watch the walk through, then I see what to do & where to go. I’ll close this post here, due to bed is calling!

Might Get An Anime Related Item

Ya know, it is amazing what one can find if they are bored enough, lol. 🙂 As I’m sure people are aware, anime is one of my top interests. In fact, the anime bug hit me to the point where I’m planning on buying some of the anime I’ve had on DVD soon, but beyond dvds, more ideas of what to get are being tossed around.


Last week, while on Amazon, looking at stuff for next month’s grocery list, curiosity hit, driving me to look for anime coffee cups. Like I said, boredom hit, nough said! Needless to say, amazon sells those 😛 Anyway, a few cups were well priced, peaking my interest, & since I only have two coffee cups here, why not get a couple? So in November, my love for anime will be shown in cup form!