Sorry for not “Checking In” and blogging for a few days, but it hasn’t been an easy week/weekend for me. Let me say, this post will be fueled by my bad mood, so if you don’t wanna read. I understand.


As a few of you may know, I’ve been living with my nephew & his girl, supporting them for three years now. In that time, I’ve put up with a lot from both of them, but this weekend was the breaking point.  I think it was Friday, she told Junior that she wants her own place, because she can’t stand how “dirty” I am, claiming I don’t clean my room, or wipe off food before putting dishes in the sink. All her claims are not true, I DO cleanup after myself and do everything I can here, but wait, there’s more!


She also claims that after I go to the bathroom, there is dried stuff on the seat, which she wants wiped off! Um, I never see it, first of all, but whatever, now I tell Junior to wipe it & I say it loud enough, (and pissed off), to embarrass her! Saturday night, a bomb was dropped to him. I told him if my name comes up in a fight between them again, I’m moving out.


I do everything I can here, and support this house, they forget this fact! Maybe things aren’t done as fast as they like, but I do it to the best of my ability! There is a lot of dirt I can bring up about them that makes me sick and it might be time that’s done!


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