Debating On Nitro R/C

After watching a Nitro R/C Buggy video on You Tube that a fellow blogger posted on their blog, the thought of getting back into the nitro side of the r/c world started to fill my head. I know, I know what I said about not wanting another Nitro powered truck again, but I can change my mind, no?


One thing’s a given, if I do get back into that, I’ll need to have some mods done to the vehicle so I can use it one handededed, lol 🙂 That, above all is the first step. Second , and equally important is, storing the fuel away from the child, he grabs everything now! I have some idea where to keep it so he can’t get it.


If I do get a Nitro R/C again, a RTR from Traxxas is my safest bet. Why their RTRs? Well being the way I am, I can’t start a pull start engine, so the Traxxas E-Z start would do the job nicely.


Suggestions and thoughts are welcome!


4 thoughts on “Debating On Nitro R/C

  1. Awesome, nitro has more horse. This winter in the off season send me the nitro engine, i can port it for you.

    • Well, you gave me an idea my friend if you can do this, & are willing to help a brother out. Since I can’t get to the hobbyshop yet, & they’d probably take weeks to do it, would you do the mods I require, if I tell you what I need done to it & break the engine in?

    • They can be fun, because they can run longer, (up to 30 minutes on one tank of fuel). Or at least the one I’m thinking about buying runs that long. There is a flip side to nitro R/Cs though, & it’s hot weather, they get very temperamental and don’t run as well. However, I plan on running mine in the Spring/Fall months, when the temp. is cooler, if I get one

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