Have A Brand New Battery

Some topics have been kicking around in my head for a time now, & a couple will be covered tonight, but to start, I have great news to share! As a few of you may recall reading about the wire on my 1/16 Slash’s battery broke a month ago, having me miss weeks of driving it. Boy, I can’t tell you I wasn’t bummed that happened, because there wasn’t a day that went by that I wanted to just buy a new pack, or a soddering gun & try fixing it myself!


Well, two days ago, while ordering stuff I needed for myself, a stop was made on amazon.com and I took it upon me to get a pack, from a storefront that I did business with before! These people offer great price, with free shipping. Plus the delivery time is fast as well!


The battery was ordered two days ago, shipped the same day, arriving today! So, now I have a new battery pack & can drive again! 🙂 Question, can I use the peak charger on it for the first time, or must I use the 6 hr. charger? The 6 hr. charger took a dump.


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