Picked My Nitro R/C

After my last post on the topic of getting back into nitro powered R/Cs a few days ago, I looked at a couple of models made by Traxxas. Though the T-Maxx monster truck is 4WD & bad ass, having one before has taught me never to bite off more then I could handle! So, the 2WD Nitro Stampede is ideal for me, mainly because of owning one in the past, & it was easier to maintain.


There she is, the 2WD “Pitbull” of monster trucks!! If Traxxas hasn’t made upgrades to the spur gear design, (which it doesn’t look like it, I checked), the plastic ones they put in, stripped easy & I had a metal gear installed to the truck I had before. With this new one, that upgrade will need to be done asap.


As seen above, the EZ Start system plugs into the back, but I may cut the truck’s body to open the back up more, or have a friend wire it so the start plug comes up through the truck bed. I haven’t decided yet. A couple last mods to be done will be adding a rechargeable power pack for the steering part of the model, because I’m not buying AA batteries monthly. And I’m going put in a different radio system, due to the fact the pistol grip transmitters aren’t easy for me to use.

Well, there it is, my RC for next season & planned upgrades for it! When I get the Stampede and get it running the way I like, I’ll try shooting video of it. 🙂



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