Update On New Battery Pack’s Performance

Seems like I’ve gotten some serious use out of the Onyx Peak Charger, which is good, I’ll do a post on how it’s working for me later, but I want to write about the new battery. Now that I’ve ran it a few times, I can say, with heart, my Slash runs great and lasts longer!!!


If a guess had to be made as to why the performance left so fast & sodder melted on the old pack, I’d say the heat from the traxxas peak charger. Let me tell ya, it made the pack so warm even unplugging it was a chore, due to it being so warm. That’s my guess anyway.


With the Onyx, the new pack gets warm, like it should and that’s all. Performance wise, I can get a good 30-60 minutes of run time out of the truck, better then one second, lol. All & all, I’m very happy that my truck the way it should be, which means I can be out mudding with it if the mood hits! I do plan on getting another pack, next month, (so the run time can double), but for now, I’m good!

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