Repost From Yesterday & A Little Gaming News…

After yesterday’s post, about my status of my foot went up, mt foot started to hurt and itch again, almost as if the sore reopened, but I had had Junior look today & it looked fine. it isn’t that I don’t believe him, I just want a second opinion, before strapping my foot down again. So until Mike, my chair repair person, & I can come up with another way the footrest can be reset, the pillow will be on my foot. I tend to believe this wheelchair’s cursed, because I’ve had issues I didn’t have before.


On a brighter topic. I decided to keep my PS3 & buy a new controller for SC5, but NOT to play that so much anymore, even though “some friends” might pressure me too. IF they do, they will be deleted! Starting later today, a game I’ve had for a while will be restarted. Yes, before getting Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim next month, Elder Scrolls 4 will be played, & like I said, if friends pressure another game on me, deleted they will be!


2 thoughts on “Repost From Yesterday & A Little Gaming News…

  1. Sorry to hear about your foot. Be sure to take care of that because things like that can turn into bigger complications later on. You need to insist that your family help you with this.

    Glad to hear you are keeping the PS3; I sort of knew you would. You can fuss about it all day long but you enjoy playing and shouldn’t let others interfere with your pleasure. I think your being a bit harsh in deleting friends simply because they ask you to play. Create a ghost account instead and they will never know your on. I created one so I could watch Netflix in peace.


    • Sad to say, my nephew tells me that it’s my fault this pressure sore is on my foot, by how I need to use my feet to push up so I can use the toilet, my muscle spasms, or what he calls, “old age”. I’m only 37 dude. Yes, he helps, but at times, his attitude sucks!

      About the ps3 friends. Perhaps I misspoken, what I meant was, while most of my friends are respectful & know if I’m playing a game, not to invite me to another, unless I ask.Others just spam invites, & even if I say no thank you, I’m playing this game, they act like they don’t care. That annoys me.

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