Having A Blast Playing Elder Scrolls 4

Wanted to post this topic earlier, as in Friday, but I was wheel deep playing Oblivion. Get it, wheel deep? lol… Anyway, when it was bought last year, it didn’t seem to keep my interest, which made me stop playing & put it in my drawer. The reason could’ve been me being up until 6am playing, I never understood how to play, or just didn’t care.


Well, now that I am on the game, I’m finding myself enjoying it!! Sure, a you tube playthrough is guiding me as I play, but for two days now, I’ve wanted to play Elder Scrolls, after I get up and do my routine, which is drinking coffee and whatever. Not sure if its due to me finally taking the time & play the game or what, but I like it…


Before closing this topic, let me say that besides Final Fantasy 7 & 9, I’m not that big on RPG games. If Skyrim’s like what they say, I’m sure it’ll draw me in, like ES Oblivion has! 🙂


A note: More topics on various subjects are going to be posted all weekend.

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