Video Game Related Thoughts

In the coming days, topics on various subjects will be posted, in the hope some will spark discussions. The first topic has to do with video gaming, (Console, PC etc.) & my thoughts on all of it. As those of you who have followed me here know, because of my disability, I use one hand when gaming on PS3. Before continuing, let me explain how I taught myself to play this .way.


In our household, there was always a video game system around, whether it be NES, Super NES, Genesis whatever. I first started becoming a gamer, the Nintendo was out. Even though the controller had to be taped to a surface, I adapyed and my skills grew over time. After the Nintendo ran it’s course, both a Super Nes and Sega were bought. Like before, controllers needed to be taped in order for me to play, but when I did… 🙂


With the PS1 & the bigger controller it had, I’ve found that placing it on one leg, at an angle, against the other leg, worked well, totally saving tape. This is a technique I use today, & with that said, let’s continue. Older games had simple controls, (run, jump special moves), making them simple for me to play, but as the PS2 came out, the setups for games began getting more complex. Oh, I adapted to the buttons as well as possible, but it wasn’t easy.


Now with the PS3/PS4 age, the button combos are insane, having me only get games with full remapping or a few key buttons I’d need to use during play. Both are very rare, let me tell you. Which brings me to my first thought, After Sony makes the PS3 a dinosaur, & pushes their new system, I’m not getting a PS4. To me, prices of new consoles have gotten way out of hand in the last ten years, I’m serious, eating trumps new gaming gear any day! Instead, I’m thinking of getting older games & play those.


Thought 2: PC gaming. I’ve played World of Warcraft years ago, & I’m thinking about upgrading my computer, so I can play it again. Buying a store brand PC maybe easier, but there’s nothing that beats upgrading your own! If possible, I’d like to try Battlefield 3 or 4 on PC.


Last thought: GTA5. Because it is 2:29AM, I’ll just say that viewing some gameplay of it, the game doesn’t interest me.

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