Progress On Elder Scrolls Oblivion

Sorry for taking a day away from posting, but laziness and needing to get my sleep pattern on track hit. More on that in a moment. Right now however, I want to update where I am on Elder Scrolls Oblivion. Following the you tube guide has helped me get through the main story thus fair, & the main story is something I’m focusing on, no side quests.


That said, I’m now on the quest “Blood of the Divines”, and from what I’ve heard, (by the commentator of the guide I’m using), the most annoying quest of the game. While it maybe true, at least I’m making headway in the game. Sure beats playing Soul Cal. 5 day in & out. Anyway, I’d like to get through most of ES Oblivion, before ordering Skyrim in a couple weeks.


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