Some Plans For A PC Build

A few things on this subject have crossed my mind and some ideas seem good enough to do, but if anyone has advice, then please share. A few friends told me to have an idea of what I’d like to do with the new PC, some good information, & using that advice, a good idea of what kind of computer I’d like.


A few years ago, a Gigabyte AMD motherboard was bought & I hope memory, video card etc. can still be found. If not, well, a new board will be purchased, but the computer I would like is a gaming/workhorse, something I can write my book on, game, shoot/edit video, burn cd/dvds with.


Having said this, I have a dvd/cd burner, so memory, AMD Chip, graphics card and possibly a new hard drive are needed. However, is it wise to use the current Hard Drive in the  new computer? Other details I’d need is a new keyboard/mouse, capture device, web camera.


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