A Halloween Tradition

Sorry for not blooging for a time, I think laziness and wanting to reshuffle my sleep schedule hit, but I’m semi-back. In this first post of two, (second will follow Tomorrow), I thought it’d be fun to talk about a Halloween tradition that was started.


Years ago, when I was still went to the local anime club’s functions, they had seasonal themed anime showings. This time of year, to celebrate Halloween, the group planned to show anime that had an element of horror in them. Tell you, I couldn’t wait until the Wednesday the club had their October showing, because I love Horror, to a degree.


Even though my anime dvd library isn’t what it was, (something I’m going to  remedy in coming months), I plan to do my own little Halloween viewing night of Oct. 31st, like last year. Sure, I just have Hellsing on dvd, but its better then nothing, right?




4 thoughts on “A Halloween Tradition

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