My Plan For After The PS3

Since the original Nintendo, (and even earlier then that), gaming has played a role in my life. Sure, I needed to work on a way to work the controllers with just my good hand, but it worked itself out, enabling me to play as I do today. Of course my style has gaps in it, however the way I game is pretty good.


When the PS3, & how the wireless controller fit in my lap, meant that tape wasn’t needed anymore, having me get better.  Basically, I’ve been gaming like this for years, but I’ve had to only get games that weren’t button happy, which in this age, isn’t easy. While true, I can adapt to most button layouts, other games have to many buttons for me to adapt too, making them impossible to play.


Anyway, with the PS3 era closing, I’ve done some thinking. By what I’ve read on a gaming website, (name of which escapes me right now), though the PS4’s due out in a few weeks, they’ll still produce ps3 games for a while. Then in three to five years, begin phasing it out. So, after the console’s done, I’m not getting a PS4. Instead, a new gaming computer will be build & that’ll be used to fill in. besides, PC games are easier to remap buttons on.


A Warm Welcome

I’d like to begin today by giving a warm welcome to all the new followers eho started following me, I hope you like the content! 🙂 The topics that are covered can be anything from R/C cars, Anime, my writings, (which I need to return too), gaming & my life. Hope you all find a topic that interests you. ^_^

Help Wanted

A blog might not a best place to look for ask, (& the last artist I hired to do this just did a page then ran), but I’ll try again. As some who read my blog & know me online know, I write fan based hentai doujinshi, (Adult comics), parodying video game characters. Sure, I can’t sell them, due to me not wanting to be sued, but I just like writing them, and my book.


Months ago, I finished a script that I’ve worked on since Feb? Like I said, I posted a blog over on my old blog site on, that I was looking for an artist to draw it, & a reader recommended someone on the site. I contacted them, and they agreed to do the art, but after they did the cover art, nothing further was heard from him/her.


I tried to email many times, with no reply, They might have gotten busy with life issues, who knows. Anyway, I have model pictures of the characters & the script, if any artist reads this wants to do the art, and is willing to work for free, please let me know.

Your Top 5 Favorite Scary Movies?

In the spirit of Halloween, thus topic seems like a good one to go with the season. Growing up, my sister use to have me watch the first Nightmare On Elm Street, knowing the movie gave me bad dreams. Any scary movie did that to me, it didn’t matter which ones.


As I grew older, (teens through now), whenever there was a Halloween movie marathon on, I watch it, finding em laughable. Twisted huh? Nobody said I was sane. 🙂 Below are my top 5 scary movies, what are yours?



1. Night Of The Living Dead, (old version)


2. Friday The 13TH Pt. 1


3. Aliens


4. Nightmare On Elm Street


5. The Exorcist

Taking A Look Back At A Gaming Trilogy I Love Playing

Before starting, let me say that there isn’t many First Person Shooters on the market today that I can play with my good hand. And let the Call of Duty players comment on this, telling me I need to try the game, I tried it, the game is unplayable to me. Besides that, it seems like they rehash the same game year after year, so I have no interest in Call of Duty.


With that rant out of the way, onto the topic. After moving to the apt. complex that had the bike path through the woods, I decided to buy a PS3. While at my local Game Stop, buying the console, the girl who worked there, recommended two games to me, Resistance: FALL OF MAN & ES: Oblivion.



At the time, t had no idea what a first person shooter was, so looking back, I think Resistance was the first game I popped in. Looking at the controller settings, I saw that I could remap the whole button layout of the controller, making my own custom layout, which I did. After doing so, it was game on! While playing this kinda shooter, it blow my mind, because the graphics, AI and the sounds of the creatures seemed to creep me out! ^_^


Though it was a long time getting there, I beat the game, & it felt great! 🙂



Enter Resistance 2:





Even though I had it when the game came out, the game was on my shelf for a while. Sure, I’ve setup my custom button layout, but due to living in a house with my sister’s kids on my case, I couldn’t get into the game. As soon as things calmed & I could sit down, the case was opened. Boy, if the first Resistance was good, Resistance 2 stepped it up!


The game picked up where the first left off, but it didn’t take long before I was back killing Chimaria!!! I have no real gripe about R2, but having no health meter and you could only carry two guns felt off. Overtime, I beat the game.


Enter Resistance 3:





I hadn’t pre-ordered a game, since the Mortal Kombat Trilogy way back when, however when Game Stop where taking orders for Resistance 3, money was plopped down for it. At first, the game left a bad taste in my mouth, because Insomniac Games took out the health regen feature out, having me hunt for health packs as I fight. This took some getting use too, believe me. Now, Resistance 3 isn’t so bad!!


I still play and enjoy all three games, & though their old now, but to me, they are enjoyable!

I am Now Dragonborn!!!

Well, as you might’ve guessed by the title, this post is about my time on the game Elder Scrolls: Skyrim! Y’know, it’s been hard getting into the groove of the game, (life and stress an all that), but I’ve been playing for a few days, getting deeper in and I can say that it’s enjoyable…


Before coming to blog, my first battle with a dragon took place, & though it took several attempts, I killed the lizard, taking it’s Soul, giving me a “Shout”, (dragon power). This is exciting, because to me, playing with my one good hand, & doing something that take good aim with a bow and arrow is a great feeling!


I need to say this about the you tuber that did the guide though. Yes, his walk through of the game does  help, but the way he screws around and goes off to do random stupid stuff, like look at animals etc. gets annoying.

Going Back To My Anime Roots

Growing up back in the 80s, the first bit of anime that caught my attention was Voltron: Defender of the Universe. I remember watching it daily, without fail, wanting to see the next episode! At the time, the thought never sunk in that the show was from Japan, let alone under a different name.


Fast forward to the late 80s thru the 90s. If anyone’s old enough to remember, the Sci-Fi channel ran a festival of anime, that ran a week in every summer and had glimpse of anime movies/series. Now, the channel is to “streamlined” to bring that back, but I digress. I remember waiting every year for that festival, because of two reasons. A: It gave me a chance to geek out. And B: If I liked the anime, it made my list of what to buy while at ACen, (Anime Central in Chicago).


This is the point of this topic. I’ve been tossing the idea around of buying some of those titles that really got me into the anime culture. Series like: Project A-KO, Record of Lodoss War, etc. Yes, they might be old, but they were good. If you love anime, wouldn’t you get titles that broke you into the stuff?