A Mind Full Of Topics No. 1: Charger Review

Without going in on why laziness struck, having me sit on topics that I’ve wanted to write about, let’s just get into the first topic. As you RC Hobbyists who follow me know, I’ve had to get two battery pack peak chargers this year, due to one from Traxxas frying a pack. Yes, I know its been months coming, (& for this I’m sorry), but after using the Onyx 100 peak charger for a couple months, I feel ready to give my thoughts on it.


Before buying it, some research was done on the charger, & my research consists of asking friends, you tube an reading reviews! Boy, I’m not calling people out, but some reviewers on You Tube had a stick up their ass, because some dumped on the thing. While my friend, Al, who recommended it, gave the charger praise.


Sure, it’s a simple AC/DC peak charger, which has three current settings, (1,2, & 4). Though my Slash’s battery says it can be charged at a minimum of 2.0 amp, I just keep it at 1 amp, because after the last pack I has roasted, I’m being very cautious. So how well is it working? Well, to me, the charger’s simple, easy to use, something like mecan handle. Now, the charge time on 1 amp takes an hour & some change, but for someone who’s getting back into the hobby, it’s fine! 🙂


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