A Mind Full Of Topics No. 2: Computer Specs In Detail

Again, you’ll meed to forgive me for not keeping up on these post, but time got away from me! Those of you who have followed me for a time know what my motivation is for this en devour, but for those if you new to my blog, here’s a short version of why I’m working on building a new computer. Years ago, my old caregiver gutted a perfectly good 1,200 custom built PC, giving it to her then fiancee & built this screwed up tower for me! Before anything’s said, yes, I wanted to plant my foot up her ass.


Anyway, over the weekend, some homework got done on the CPU and the rest of the parts I’ll be putting money on for this new tower. I’m going to use the gigabyte motherboard that supports ddr3 1800+ ram, with an AMD Phenom IIx2 cpu, (unless the x4 comes down in price) A Nvidia 8800GT Graphic card, (might go higher, haven’t decided yet).  I either have a 500 or 550WATT power supply, need to double check. a SoundBlaster sound card, A cd/dvd burner & if I can, I’ll use the hard drive from this computer. Oh, & since I see myself as a night owel, a glossy black case!


There ya go, my ideal setup, & I hope to save up $500 in a few months so the rest of the parts can be purchased. Sure, so,e parts could be better suited for gaming, like I plan on using it for, but I don’t need a 8000 dollar top of the line machine.




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