How I’m Doing And My Plans/Ideas

For this topic, I think it’d be a good time to let you, my readers know a bit of what’s been going on & what plans are forming in my head. As reported sometime ago, an injury to my foot happened, making wearing my shoe impossible & having me be force to wear a boot for months. Though not a doctor, my friend, who works on my chair knew it was a pressure sore, & recommended I see my doctor, but seeing my doc’s an idiot, never coming out to look at it, I had to relie on my chair repair person to check on it.

When he came out today to fix my foot rest, because I shattered it, (which makes the count come to 500), he checked my pressure sore, telling me it looks healed, put my shoe on and try it, but to get a doctor to look it over. This won’t be a bash about my family, but why the heck did my nephew’s girlfriend, who has no medical training, tell me a week ago that if it’s healed, a doctor won’t do anything? I told my friend this and he just told them that it could break open again, that’s why a doctor needs to look at it.


My plans now? I’m babying my foot, trying not to put any unneeded pressure on it, until I see a doctor, but when I’m okay again, my sword practice will be re zoomed. Right now, just having my foot in my foot rest feels odd.


Onto other plans. Most of you readers know, I’m in the middle of trying to write a vampire novel, & no, not like that trashy twilight bullshit! However, due to some issues, writer’s block hit, causing me to stop. Well, I’m hoping to get in the saddle and finish the first novel, if I can just tune the family out.


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