A Wheelchair Recall???

In recent years, I’ve heard and read about cars, food, drugs etc. being recalled, because of something wrong with them, however this is the first I have heard about a wheelchair recall. Last Wednesday, when my chair repair person came by to fix my foot rest, he told me Invacare, (or Invacrap, is what I call the company that made my chair), issued a recall because a defective controller.


Hearing about them doing so came as no shock, because in my eyes, Invacare’s known for building junk. Believe me, my first electric wheelchair was made by them & it had nothing but breakdowns. So, why are the recalling the controllers? Apparently, when the user turns the chair on, it takes off fast, even set on slow speeds. Now, even though I haven’t noticed this, I do note issues, and since my chair’s controller might be the ones under the recall, might as well get a new part.


2 thoughts on “A Wheelchair Recall???

  1. You’ll never see a recall on a vacume cleaner…thats because they all “suck”… Lolol. Seriously, recalls quite common, thats because big companies but in bids to produce and manufacture parts for the cheapest price they can find. When they contract this cheap shit its no wonder why this shit fails. I just pulled a $30,000 470 horsepower diesel engine out of a truck because of cheap made locknut which holds the camshaft drive gear on failed. The cam gear dropped and went thru the front case of the engine and a chunk of gear punched right thru the block. All because of a cheap piece of shit locknut. A $12 part. Needless to say, the nut is now a recall item.

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