First Impressions Of Skyrim

This PS3 game caught my interest when it first came out, but between it being almost $60.00 & having a house to support, getting the game had to be put on hold, until now. Last week, with a new PS3 Controller, for SC5, Skyrim was ordered.


I will admit, a part of me wanted to dive into the game, like I did with Oblivion, but first looking at the button layout and changing the button setup to suit me had to be done! After that, into the game I went, & though I restarted three times already, the third time I feel I’m getting the hang of the game. So far, a bear got grilled well done, plus the closeup finishing moves look bad ass!!


All said and done, though early, me likey the game! Sure, as with Oblivion, I’m watching a you tube guide, but to me, it helps. 🙂

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